A Clinton resident who originally had eight charges against him, including eluding police and giving false identification, qualified for bail at a hearing in St. Mary’s County on June 3.

St. Mary’s District Judge Christy Holt Chesser said Laroi James Burch, 28, had several pending charges and three failures to appear in court.

In March 2018, Burch was traveling in a Chevrolet Impala on Great Mills Road in Lexington Park going above the speed limit, according to court papers. Police pursued Burch but he did not stop. Chesser said in court that Burch was driving 50 mph in a 25 mph zone.

After Burch lost control of the car and spun out on Pegg Road, he took off running in the woods toward Chancellor’s Run Road. Court documents said a police officer checked the car’s registration and discovered the car belonged to Burch’s girlfriend.

On Sunday, Burch did not reveal his name to police when he and the driver of a vehicle were pulled over. Court papers said Burch identified himself as Tyree Brandon Redwood, but the name did not appear in the Motor Vehicle Administration records.

Police said Burch also stated he was too drunk to give his birthdate, that he did not know his Social Security number or address and that he did not have any photo identification. Documents said police also found drugs in Burch’s pocket when he was searched.

“The state will be encouraging the recommendation that he’d be held without bond,” St. Mary’s Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Boyd said.

Max Frizalone, public defender, said it is worth noting that Burch was intoxicated at the time.

“The most important thing in his life would be taking care of his father,” Frizalone said. The public defender requested Burch’s release so he can care for his father and attend his physical therapy appointments next month for his elbow that recently underwent surgery. Frizalone also added that Burch sees his probation officer regularly.

Chesser granted Burch’s release before she said he would have to wear an electrical monitoring unit and be tested for substance abuse.

Twitter: @KristenEntNews

Twitter: @KristenEntNews