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The St. Mary’s Riding Club recently donated equestrian books and DVDs to the county library. Above is Betsy Fritz on her horse “Can’t Buy Me Love,” left, Kathy Glockner on “Mr. Fitz,” St. Mary’s Riding Club president Emily Repenning and Lois Coryell of the Leonardtown Library.

The St. Mary’s Riding Club recently donated equestrian materials such as DVDs and books on dressage, training, and showing to the county library.

The new materials along with previous donations, are now available to check out at the Leonardtown Library.

The donations included the books “It’s Not Just About the Ribbons,” “Ride with Your Mind Essentials,” “How Good Riders Get Good,” “Freestyle — Guide to Riding, Training and Competing to Music” and “From the Horse’s Mouth.”

The following DVDs “Riding in your Mind’s Eye First Level,” “Rider Body Language,” “The Joy of Dressage,” “Training the Dressage Horse,” “Success through Cavaletti Training,” “Schooling Horses in Hand,” “Complete Sean Patrick Set,” “The Secret of a Successful Halt,” “Gymnastic Patterns with Leslie Webb” and “Dressage Movements Revealed.”

The club raises funds through its annual horse show during the St. Mary’s County Fair, Though this year’s fair was cancelled, the club will instead hold its “A Moment in Time Farm in Leonardtown” show Sept. 27 in Timonium. The show will be open to pre-registered entries only.

The club can be reached at its St. Mary’s Riding Club Facebook page.

To check out any of the club’s donations from the Leonardtown library, go to www.stmalib.org or to see the prize list, go to www.stmarysridingclub.wordpress.com.