Christopher Alexy of Huntingtown (Lehigh University)

Micaela Bessette of Mechanicsville (Saint Francis University)

Patrick Hough of Lusby (Saint Francis University)

Kaylee Kirkland of Mechanicsville (University of Alabama)

Brendan Malone of St. Leonard (United States Merchant Marine Academy)

Megan Mattei of Leonardtown (University of Alabama)

Caroline G. McDevitt of Lexington Park (University of South Carolina)

Todd A. McDevitt of Lexington Park (Full Sail University)

Hayley Mesmer of Lexington Park (Saint Francis University)

Grace Louise Mueller of Leonardtown (Baylor University)

Tyler Paige of Leonardtown (University of Iowa)

Dakota Roberts of Lexington Park (Roger Williams University)

Nicole Sanner of Leonardtown (University of Alabama)

Erin Shaffer of Mechanicsville (U.S. Naval Academy)

Hayden Wright of Charlotte Hall (United States Merchant Marine Academy)

President’s list

Dominic Aeschlimann of Huntingtown (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Erin Balderson of California (James Madison University)

Peyton Barnes of Charles County (Fairmont State University)

Selia Bizzarro of Lusby (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Madeline Carrino of Huntingtown (College of Charleston)

Holly Click of Avenue (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Darrien Coates of Huntingtown (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Kyle Edwards of Leonardtown (Coastal Carolina University)

Jillian Gray of Owings (College of Charleston)

Kaylee Kumar of Hollywood (University of South Carolina Beaufort)

Nilgun Laux of California (Kennesaw State University)

Sophia Lawson of California (Coastal Carolina University)

Breanne Mayor of Leonardtown (Coastal Carolina University)

Matthew Norris of Mechanicsvlle (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Alexia Carrasquillo of Hollywood (Coastal Carolina University)

Kayla Purcell of Drayden (Shenandoah University)

Carilyn Santisteban of California (Sam Houston State University)

William Skinner of Lexington Park (Shenandoah University)

Anna Stevenson of Tall Timbers (University of Alabama)

Brittany Stewart of Leonardtown (James Madison University)

Susan Sweeney of Leonardtown (James Madison University)

Lauren Weeks of Mechanicsvlle (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Dean’s list

Sean Alderson of Coltons Point (Bucknell University)

Ashley Anderson of Prince Frederick (Shenandoah University)

Kimberly Armstrong of Leonardtown (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Corryn Baker of Mechanicsville (Frostburg State University)

Michael Baker of California (Wilkes University)

Alyssa Beach of Owings (Frostburg State University)

Kaitlin Beasley-Polko of Leonardtown (Coastal Carolina University)

Julianna Bennett of Leonardtown (University of New Hampshire)

Makayla Bonds of Great Mills (Coastal Carolina University)

Francis Bowles of Mechanicsville (Frostburg State University)

Taylor Bowles of Hollywood (James Madison University)

Tori Bowles of Leonardtown (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Anita Brosnihan of Hollywood (The College of New Jersey)

Taylor Brown of Leonardtown (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Shaun Butler of Charlotte Hall (Frostburg State University)

Juliana Buttner of Lusby (Frostburg State University)

Erin Carroll of Prince Frederick (Shenandoah University)

Joanna Choporis of Valley Lee (James Madison University)

Brian Church of Leonardtown (Frostburg State University)

Natalie Cloak of Prince Frederick (Widener University)

Katharine Cognard-Black of California (Bucknell University)

James Connelly of Mechanicsville (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Tyler Connolly of Charlotte Hall (Coastal Carolina University)

Tyra Countiss of California (Coastal Carolina University)

Amanda David of Great Mills (Shenandoah University)

Shelby Davila is from Hollywood (Shenandoah University)

Robert Davis of Lusby (Shenandoah University)

Lukas Delaney of Leonardtown (Coastal Carolina University)

Alexander DePiazza of Drayden (Mount St. Mary’s University) Christopher DePiazza of Drayden (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Sean Detrick of Leonardtown (Frostburg State University)

Jacob Dobbins of Leonardtown (Frostburg State University)

Linus Drissel of Great Mills (Frostburg State University)

Shane Dwyer of Huntingtown (Frostburg State University)

Nathanial Evans of Leonardtown (Frostburg State University)

Paul Fagnano of Leonardtown (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Jason Ferris of Leonardtown (Susquehanna University)

Abri Foianini of California (Frostburg State University)

Megan Ford of Huntingtown (Frostburg State University)

Sierra Fowler of Broomes Island (Frostburg State University)

Seth Fowler of Mechanicsville (Wilkes University)

Wyatt Garrett of Chesapeake Beach (University of New Hampshire)

Andrew Goodrich of Huntingtown (Frostburg State University)

Austin Gregory of Mechanicsville (Frostburg State University)

Ahna Halpern of Lexington Park (James Madison University)

Brooke Haney of Charlotte Hall (University of Tampa)

Amaun Hill of Mechanicsville (Frostburg State University)

Dylan Hill of Hollywood (Frostburg State University)

Travis Jett of Mechanicsville (Shenandoah University)

Samuel Katulich of Leonardtown (Samford University)

Ashley King of Mechanicsville (Frostburg State University)

Kaitlin Kinney of Hollywood (Shenandoah University)

Rebecca Knight of Mechanicsville (Shenandoah University)

Elizabeth Konecny of California (University of New Hampshire)

Lauren Kostenko of Leonardtown (University of Alabama)

Virginia Krasznay of Mechanicsville (Frostburg State University)

Alexis Lindsey of Lexington Park (Tallahassee Community College)

Taylor Longworth of Great Mills (Frostburg State University)

Jayden Marable of Hollywood (University of Alabama)

Patrick McCloskey of Lusby (Frostburg State University)

Hayley Mesmer of Lexington Park (Saint Francis University)

Lauren Miller of Lexington Park (University of New Hampshire)

Mikayla Miller of St. Leonard (University of Findlay)

Victoria Moran of Leonardtown (University of New Hampshire)

Daniel Morgan of Leonardtown (Frostburg State University)

Kyla Nauman of North Beach (Frostburg State University)

Caley Neville of Lexington Park (Frostburg State University)

Nathaniel Owens of Charlotte Hall (Frostburg State University)

Tanesha Parran of Lusby (Shenandoah University)

Anthony Pennifill of Lusby (Dean College)

Alexis Price of Mechanicsville (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Clare Prouty-Due of Huntingtown (Susquehanna University)

Kayla Purcell of Drayden (Shenandoah University)

Randolph Putnam of Mechanicsville (Frostburg State University)

Dakota Roberts of Lexington Park (Roger Williams University)

Jacob Russell of Hollywood (Frostburg State University)

Elizabeth Schug of California (Roger Williams University)

Jessica N. Schug of California (Husson University)

Connor Shaffer of Hollywood (Frostburg State University)

Gina Sherman of Huntingtown (Frostburg State University)

Faith Simpson of Saint Leonard (Frostburg State University)

William Skinner is from Lexington Park (Shenandoah University)

Jasmine Smith of Scotland (University of Alabama)

Nathan Smith of Hollywood (Coastal Carolina University)

Caroline Stansbury of Dunkirk (Shenandoah University)

Briona Stauffer of Chesapeake Beach (Frostburg State University)

Amanda Strahl of Prince Frederick (North Greenville University)

Gavin Studds of Huntingtown (Frostburg State University)

Olivia Taylor of Leonardtown (Lasell University)

Delaney Tedtsen of Chesapeake Beach (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Ciara Thomas of Mechanicsville (Frostburg State University)

Meaghan Travis of Leonardtown (James Madison University)

David Tydings of Tall Timbers (University of Alabama)

Allison Wade of Mechanicsville (Mount St. Mary’s University) Nicholas Werner of Huntingtown (Frostburg State University)

Jaeden White of Prince Frederick (Frostburg State University)

Devin Williams of Sunderland (Frostburg State University)

Hannah Wolfe of Leonardtown (Muhlenberg College)

Dalton Woody of Sunderland (Frostburg State University)

Brendan Woodworth of Leonardtown (College of William & Mary)

Reese Yeatman of Huntingtown (University of New Hampshire)

Samantha Young of Leonardtown (Benedictine College)


Wilkins scholarship honors former student

The Shepherd University Foundation recently announced the creation of Amanda Wilkins Scholarship for its nursing students. Wilkins died in 2019 from stage IV metastatic breast cancer. The scholarship was established by her family members.

Wilkins enrolled in her high school career center’s nursing program and graduated as a certified nursing assistant. She went on to join the nursing program at Shepherd and began her career at Holy Cross Hospital in Maryland working in obstetrics.

Wilkins was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 at the age of 32.

Hays organized a raffle and raised more than $12,000, which the family used to fund two scholarship awards in her daughter’s name; one at the Career and Technology Academy through Calvert High School where Wilkins began her nursing career and the other at Shepherd.

For more information or to make a donation, go to

Gilmer awarded National Merit Scholarship

St. Charles High School graduate Evangeline Gilmer was recently awarded a National Merit Scholarship.

Gilmer, who will attend Harvard University and major in neuroscience, was named one of 7,500 winners of the $2,500 scholarship.

Gilmer has been interested in the medical field since she was eight years old.

“I think I’ve always had a natural love for science and medicine, and I think it’s my purpose in life to serve others,” she said.

Gilmer volunteers at the University of Maryland Regional Medical Center. In high school, she was a member of the We the People team, National Honor Society and the Red Cross Club. She also the concertmaster for the Charles County Youth Orchestra and won the Charles County Youth Orchestra 2020 Concerto Competition.

She was named to the Maryland Junior All State Band twice and took part in the National Philharmonic Summer Strings Institute.

Fowler earns president’s award

Michael Welton Fowler II, who graduated from Huntingtown High School, was awarded the President’s Award at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Adelke earns scholarship

Yasmeen Adeleke of Waldorf was awarded a yearly $5,000 scholarship, plus a connection to Amazon mentors and peers from the BEN network. Yasmeen was selected because of her scholastic talent and aspirations to pursue a degree in computer science. Adeleke was inspired to pursue artificial intelligence when she designed a solution that powered schools using treadmills and exercise equipment, allowing more students access to education and reducing fossil fuel emissions.

Ferris named valedictorian

Jason Ferris of Leonardtown was honored with the Valedictorian award at Susquehanna University’s annual student awards luncheon held in May. The honor of valedictorian is bestowed upon students in the senior class who have achieved the highest GPA. Ferris majored in creative writing, English and Spanish studies.

Kingsbury named to MAC honor roll

Kyle Kingsbury of Sunderland was named to the Middle Atlantic Conference’s academic honor roll. The Northern High graduate, who is majoring in economics, is a member of the Lebanon Valley College baseball team.