Before I had kids, I famously (or infamously, perhaps) told a friend I’d hang with her newborn son when he was old enough to color.

Having young children means getting comfortable with chaos.

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This is a reprinting of a column from March 18, 2016. Megan will be back on Friday.

What do jazz, the future of transportation, math and alternative facts, midwives, food and addictions, health care for the elderly, artificial intelligence and leadership challenges have in common?

Karen H. Abrams, whose retirement last year as a St. Mary’s Circuit Court judge has not ended her public service in the courtroom and beyond, will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at next week’s banquet of the St. Mary’s County Commission for Women.

I pick up accents easily. It’s totally unintentional. I hear an interesting tone of voice and start emulating it before I can tell my brain to knock it off.

Directions and discussions along the Great Mills Road corridor continue to change, in part through a new tenant who’s adjusting to his bearings as he’s advocating some improvements.