Right, Meg? Thanks for being here

Thanks for being here

Megan Johnson sits at her computer with a mug of coffee.

Dear friends,

It’s surreal to write a final column — nearly as surreal as life in the time of COVID-19. This timing isn’t great. But faced with changing circumstances at the newspaper (and across the nation and world), it’s time. I’m grateful to be able to extend a true farewell to “Right, Meg?” and thank you all for the time you’ve spent with me.

When I began writing in 2009, I couldn’t dream that I’d be chronicling such a life-changing decade: from freshly out of college to (mis)adventures in dating to meeting my future husband. I’ve shared family stories, and many of you have shared yours. There have been weddings and funerals, bright hellos and challenging transitions. Babies. An early birth. Wrestling with anxiety. Trying to figure out parenthood. Coffee. Learning to be honest about my struggles. Growing along the way.

Chronicling my “ordinary” life has created an archive for my family. In addition to reliving many fond (or, you know, embarrassing) moments with my parents and sister, I now have a record of life through early marriage and our children’s early years.

I imagine Oliver and Hadley someday pulling up an archive using brain waves or some such, finding a pixelated photo of their mother’s face on whatever comes after Google. Maybe this will all embarrass them . . . before they find it incredibly endearing, of course. Maybe they’ll learn something about me, or about themselves. Maybe it’ll feel like a giant time capsule and suddenly retro. I could only hope.

Ten years is a long time to “spend” with someone — and no doubt your life has changed dramatically, too. At a time when more of us are feeling isolated, please know I’m not disappearing! If you’d like to check in with me, I’d still love to check in with you. “Right, Meg?” was born of a blog I’ve kept since 2008, and I’ll still be there in a slightly different (but familiar!) form at WriteMeg.com.

Thank you for reading, sharing and being here for the journey. I’m immensely grateful, and I will miss you all.

If you’ll forgive some clichéd “final words,” I have just a few. Look for rainbows. Get some rest. Take the picture. Stay present.

Be patient with yourself — and each other. And have another cup of coffee for me.

See you soon!



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