The John Hanson Briscoe Circuit Courthouse for St. Mary's County is located in Leonardtown.

The John Hanson Briscoe Circuit Courthouse for St. Mary’s County is located in Leonardtown.

A Great Mills teenager was sentenced to eight years in prison Monday after pleading guilty to a felony first-degree assault charge and possession of a firearm as a minor.

Elijah Miguel Miles, 18, was also charged with attempted first- and second-degree murder before those charges were dropped earlier this month.

Hammad Matin, Miles’ attorney, said his client is very young and explained to his client that these are “parole-eligible offenses.” Miles was also sentenced to five years of supervised probation.

The 18-year-old was involved in a neighborhood shooting off Chancellor’s Run Road on Dec. 4 last year.

Back in December, charging papers said, Miles wounded Tyquan Samuel Wills, who was in a car parked on Shannon Street.

“After he got shot,” St. Mary’s sheriff’s Capt. Edward Willenborg said, “he tried to drive down the street and lost consciousness, and drove into a house.”

At the house on Athlone Drive, “Wills, who sustained multiple gunshot wounds, was able to report to police that defendant Elijah Miles shot him during an altercation,” according to a charges application filed by sheriff’s detective Brian P. Fennessey.

A witness told police that someone was standing outside the passenger side of the vehicle, before three loud “pops” were heard and the pedestrian ran away.

A lookout for Miles included an online post by the sheriff’s office the next day that he “was also reportedly seen in the area of Great Mills High School,” prompting a lockdown at the school to ensure the safety of its students and staff.

During the school lockdown, members of the St. Mary’s sheriff’s office SWAT team went through the building, classroom by classroom, as students remained in place. Students were dismissed early after classrooms were searched.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said there was no confirmation that Miles was near the school that day.

He was later arrested by Charles County sheriff’s deputies in a parking lot in that county, Willenborg said.

Wills, suffering one gunshot wound to his face and two in his back, originally was listed in critical condition after a helicopter crew flew him to a hospital, court papers state, but police said that his condition has improved.

“My understanding [is] he’s going to be OK,” Willenborg said.

Miles chose not to make a statement during Monday’s hearing.

St. Mary’s Circuit Judge Michael J. Stamm said the sentence had a maximum of 25 years but was suspended down to eight.

“Frankly, you’re very young,” Stamm said. “This was a terrible, terrible thing you did.” He added that Miles could be in his mid-20s before he is released from prison.

Miles was ordered to not make unlawful contact with Wills. And if he violates his probation, Stamm said he could spend up to 22 years behind bars.

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Twitter: @KristenEntNews