St. Mary's District Court proceedings are conducted at the Carter state office building in Leonardtown.

St. Mary’s District Court proceedings are conducted at the Carter state office building in Leonardtown.

A Hagerstown man was held without bond on Wednesday after he was charged with second-degree assault.

Andre Derryl Cooper, 32, said he was drinking and had been pepper-sprayed when he spoke to police on Tuesday at a Lexington Park residence, according to court papers. Police were responding to a domestic disturbance report when Cooper told them he came to the house to have sex with his girlfriend, the document read.

Police said the girlfriend told them Cooper had been staying with her a few days so their children did not have to go to Hagerstown. She said she went to sleep in the bed with her kids when the defendant came in and tried to have sex with her, according to the court document.

The charging papers state she tried to ignore him but Cooper slapped her in the face and chest. She told him to leave, police said, but he refused. Instead, he allegedly pinned her against the wall. That’s when the victim’s niece pepper sprayed Cooper, court papers state.

“I observed the victim to have red bruising at her neck and a small dark spot on the left side of her face consistent with the victim statement,” Deputy Kyler Kilgore said in a statement of probable cause.

When police were taking Cooper to the detention center, Kilgore said the defendant kept asking about his property, began kicking the inside of the police car and yelled if he did not get his property he would come back and “f- — her up.” He later went on a rant about women and how he would hit a police officer before hitting a woman, the deputy said.

“I would ask the court to hold Mr. Cooper without bond on this case,” Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Boyd said on Wednesday.

Rais Akbar, a public defender, requested his release. He said Cooper could stay at his Hagerstown residence if he were released. “It’s a long way, but he can do it.” He added that the victim would be willing to have Cooper stay with her at the Lexington Park residence.

Copper addressed the court saying he has personal contact with the woman he was accused of assaulting. “It’s a really big misunderstanding,” he said. Adding that they were both intoxicated and she only wanted him to leave for the night.

“It’s not really a big deal as the state is making it out to be,” the defendant said. “We were just having a good time and it turned out bad. I don’t hit women.”

St. Mary’s District Judge Christy Holt Chesser explained that she’s seeing the case as it is presented to her when she determines his bond. “Hagerstown is not going to work,” she said, adding that she is not giving him permission to stay at the same place as the victim. She held him without bond and ordered that he have no contact with the victim.

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