A Lusby man appeared for a bond hearing on Monday after being arrested for allegedly breaking a window at a local motel and providing police with a family member’s similar name, according to the St. Mary’s sheriff’s office.

Ultimately, the suspect was identified as 25-year-old Antoine Keith Mackall.

A statement of probable cause written by Deputy Thomas Seyfried states that a 27-year-old Lusby man named “Keith Antoine Mackall” was arrested at the Motel 6 in Lexington Park when a night clerk received multiple calls reporting a man “banging on numerous doors and yelling for a female to come out.”

The statement says that “the subject allegedly picked up a trash can and threw it,” and that the can “struck the window of Room 127 and shattered its outer pane.” Staff at the motel advised police that the cost of replacement is approximately $1,500.

Seyfried wrote that he found an individual matching the description of the suspect and, and the individual identified himself as “Keith Antoine Mackall,” and admitted to “knocking on doors looking for his wife and kicking a trash can,” but “denied the trash can hitting and striking the window.”

The man was arrested because an individual named Keith Antoine Mackall had an active arrest warrant, according to the charging documents. That case, which was filed on Aug. 23, charged Keith Antoine Mackall with two counts of first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault.

During the suspect’s bond hearing on Monday, assistant state’s attorney Joseph Boyd said that Antoine Keith Mackall had provided police with a false name, the name of his brother.

Antoine Keith Mackall, the younger of the two, allegedly provided Seyfried with the name and correct date of birth of his brother, who lives at the same address in Lusby, according to new charging documents that charge Antoine Keith Mackall with using a false identity to avoid prosecution.

The charges, filed by sheriff’s deputy James Fretwell, say that Antoine Keith Mackall was identified through the live scan fingerprinting database, and that it was discovered the Antoine Keith Mackall “has used the name of Keith Antoine Mackall in the past as a separate identity.”

Cpl. Julie Yingling of the sheriff’s office confirmed that the two are family members and have the same address.

Both Antoine Keith Mackall and Keith Antoine Mackall were arrested at the same Motel 6 in April 2018 after staff allegedly found a “large bag of ammunition” in their room, and both provided false names to police at the time, according to the sheriff’s office.

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