A Piney Point man was jailed last week on allegations that he has been sending disturbing messages over social media to a Massachusetts woman over the past 15 years.

Twenty-seven pages of saved messages allegedly sent to the Barnstable, Mass., woman by Darren M. Bivens, 32, from April 2015 to September 2016 were forwarded to the St. Mary’s sheriff’s office by the Barnstable Police Department, according to court documents, and many included graphic descriptions of Bivens killing and eating the woman.

“I realize you might be worried about being eaten, but I’ve done this plenty,” one message read. “Normally you respond to everything I write to you, so I’m starting to take this personally.”

Court documents say that some messages indicate that Bivens has “continued to actively monitor” the woman’s social media “despite her attempts to block him,” including “possessive messages as though he was protecting her from her child’s father.”

The woman confirmed to police that she had never spoken to Bivens about her child or her child’s father, according to court documents which allege that at one point, Bivens messaged the child’s father asking him to take a photo of the child off Facebook, then told him that he would kill him.

Court documents allege that Bivens has created an estimated eight separate Facebook accounts in an effort to continue to contact her.

Other messages allegedly sent by Bivens say that the woman was talking to him through his dreams, and that he is dealing with mental illness.

The woman told police that she had spoken with Bivens 15 or 16 years ago, while dating a mutual acquaintance of his, court documents say, and would have two-way conversations over AOL Instant Messenger in spurts, occasionally going “months or even a year” between messages.

She had first told Bivens not to message her again after he sent a message to her and two friends asking them to “meet him at [Patuxent High School] so they could run him over with their car,” court documents say. Since then, he has allegedly continued to communicate with the woman over “various social media platforms to include [AIM], Myspace and Facebook over the past 15 years.”

A public defender representing Bivens waived his bond review on Friday afternoon, and requested a competency evaluation. He is currently scheduled for a trial on Jan. 2.

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Twitter: @DanEntNews