A St. Mary’s grand jury this week indicted a 30-year-old Leonardtown man on sex offense charges including second-degree rape.

Currently jailed awaiting his trial on accusations of violating a protective order stemming from his previous case, Gilbert Estevez was arrested last September on a district court filing where he had been accused of raping a 7-year-old girl within the home.

Charging documents in that case said an “unknown source” informed child protective services that the girl, now 8, had allegedly disclosed “she had been sexually assaulted … sometime in 2018 when she was 7 years old.”

St. Mary’s sheriff’s detectives who had interviewed the girl said she “described being sexually assaulted while residing at the private residence” and “was able to describe” sexual acts that she alleged Estevez performed on her, charging papers say.

She also allegedly told investigators “she had observed [Estevez] masturbate to pornographic films inside the residence in her presence,” according to the charging papers which say in a controlled phone call placed by Estevez’s wife, he “denied the allegations of sexual abuse” but “advised it was possible that the victim may have observed him masturbating or viewed sexually graphic photographs/videos in his cellphone of him.

“According to [Estevez], the items were for his wife,” charging documents say.

Estevez had his district court case dismissed after reaching a 30-day deadline last November, and was released for a period before being arrested when he was found in a closet in the same house as the girl and his wife, who had an active protective order against him. His wife, charging papers say, admitted that she had allowed him to stay there. In that case, Estevez pleaded guilty to two counts of violating a protective order and received time served, but remained jailed on a separate case, where he is accused of attempting to contact his wife through a friend. He is currently scheduled to face a trial date for that case next Thursday.

The indictment filed on Monday charges him with second-degree rape, sexual abuse of a minor, a third-degree sex offense and second-degree assault, and he is currently scheduled for a trial in March.

Twitter: @DanEntNews

Twitter: @DanEntNews