Police Line

Accident or crime scene cordon tape, police line do not cross. It is nighttime, emergency lights of police cars flashing blue, red and white in the background

A street car racer involved in a fatal crash last November was jailed on manslaughter charges related to the incident, where he is also charged with DUI.

Kyle Matthew Nelson, 33, of Mechanicsville, was not able to race in Budds Creek as planned last weekend, according to prosecutor Laura Caspar, who said St. Mary’s Circuit Judge Joseph Stanalonis ordered Nelson to be held without bond at a bail review last Wednesday morning.

Last year, on Nov. 30, state police investigators determined in a preliminary investigation Nelson had been operating a 2010 Chevrolet Express and was driving north in the southbound lane of Doctor Johnson Road near Kelly Cottage Lane in Mechanicsville shortly after 11 p.m., and struck a 2017 Nissan Rogue, operated by Joseph Smith, 50, of Morganza, head-on, which eventually killed Smith.

Police had initially believed Smith had crossed the center line, but after reconstructing the accident, determined Nelson had crossed the line and that alcohol was involved on his part, a state police spokesperson said last December.

Smith was declared deceased at the scene, and Nelson was airlifted to Prince George’s Hospital.

Following the collision, Nelson served time for a violation of probation stemming from a June 2019 DUI incident, from which he was granted probation before judgment and which was violated by his drinking during the November crash, Caspar said.

Late last month, prosecutors filed a criminal information in circuit court charging Nelson with multiple vehicular manslaughter charges and traffic violations including driving under the influence.

Nelson was arrested for those charges last Tuesday, court records say.

Twitter: @DanSoMdNews

Twitter: @DanSoMdNews