The John Hanson Briscoe Circuit Courthouse for St. Mary's County is located in Leonardtown.

The John Hanson Briscoe Circuit Courthouse for St. Mary’s County is located in Leonardtown.

A Mechanicsville man awaits his sentence from a guilty plea to a charge of first-degree assault, entered earlier this month at a court hearing where a prosecutor detailed injuries to the victim’s head inflicted with a corkscrew.

Gary Scott Flint, now 38, rented a room from a woman near Leonardtown, where she was in the kitchen on March 18 of last year when Flint falsely accused her of calling the police, the prosecutor said, and a short time later, Flint tackled the woman to the floor.

“She was trying to squirm to get away,” St. Mary’s Assistant State’s Attorney John Pleisse said at the hearing. “She started to feel a sharp object hitting her in the head. She was bleeding profusely.”

The woman’s 23 stab wounds, including 16 to her head, required treatment at a hospital, according to initial charging papers filed by Maryland State Police.

In a separate matter, Flint pleaded guilty earlier this year to second-degree assault from a confrontation with a former girlfriend’s new companion in January 2014 at her Mechanicsville area home.

Flint was sentenced this month in that case to 18 months in jail, suspended to 407 days in pretrial custody.

St. Mary’s Circuit Judge Michael J. Stamm noted that in the more recent case, the maximum sentence for first-degree assault is 25 years in prison.

“It will be totally within my discretion what that sentence will be,” the judge said.

Two years in prison ordered for robbery of doughnut shop

A judge sentenced a former Lexington Park man this month to serve two years in prison from his guilty plea to a robbery offense from an incident last February at a doughnut shop, where the culprit climbed in through the shop’s drive-through window.

Anthony M. Barnes, 38, was developed as a suspect after surveillance video images from the incident at Donut Connection in Lexington Park were posted online, court papers state, amid sheriff’s detectives’ investigation of the heist, including the theft of $290 from the business.

Barnes was sentenced to five years in prison, suspended to the two-year term, and was ordered to pay $290 in restitution during three years of supervised probation.

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Twitter: @JohnEntNews