Vehicles crash in California

Vehicles crash in California

The Bay District Volunteer Fire Department reported a crash on July 4 in the south lane of Three Notch Road near the intersection of Wildewood Boulevard with two people trapped inside one of the vehicles. First responders removed the first victim from the passenger seat but had to remove the driver’s side door and roof to free the driver. After an hour of operation, both patients were flown to a local trauma center and Children’s National Medical Center.

Woman faces felonies after machete allegation against daughter and young friend

Ebony V. Mullins, 34, faces two felony first-degree assault charges, one felony child abuse charge and a misdemeanor second-degree assault charge after police responded to an altercation between the defendant, her teenage daughter and her daughter’s friends on July 4.

A court document states an argument occurred after Mullins, a Lexington Park resident, would not let her daughter take her car to Calvert County to watch fireworks. The 16-year-old started to walk out the door but dropped her phone, a court document stated. Police said when she bent down to pick it up, the defendant grabbed her daughter’s hair and hit her before grabbing her by the arms and throwing her onto the ground.

After the fight was broken up, a court document states Mullins picked up a machete and swung it at her daughter and her friend while in arms length, according to the daughter. A witness was able to smack the machete out of Mullins hand, police said, before the victims threw it in a storm drain. A court document states Mullins then tried hitting her daughter with a brick. Police said Mullins admitted to getting in a physical altercation with her daughter and that she handled the machete.

Gas station employee accused of stealing from her job

Kenisha Keyanna Thomas, 33, of Lexington Park faces eight counts of theft related charges, with one being a felony, after police responded to the Sheetz gas station on Old Great Mills Road July 4.

Thomas was accused of stealing from her job since June 19, according to a court document. “Defendant Thomas would use the cash register to act as if she was selling various prepaid Visa gift cards in order to then take the activated gift cards for herself,” Cpl. Sheena R. Tirpak of St. Mary’s sheriff’s office said in a court document. Thomas stole 14 gift cards totaling $1,757.67, Tirpak added.

Man accused of assault after fight with girlfriend

Brandon Ryan Harris, 20, of Mechanicsville was charged with malicious destruction of property and two counts of second-degree assault on Saturday after he was accused of hurting his girlfriend. Cpl. Sheena R. Tirpak said that what was once a screaming match about cleaning the house turned into a physical altercation after the girlfriend got into the defendant’s face and was pushed onto a sofa chair.

She told police when Harris followed her upstairs, she grabbed him, scratched him and told him to get away from her. A court document said the girlfriend was going to call the police when Harris took her phone, grabbed her by the shirt collar and ripped it off. The girlfriend told police that Harris hit her near the mouth, according to a court document, and caused a bloody cut on the inside of her upper lip.

Police said the girlfriend went into another family member’s bedroom and urged the relative to call the police. However, Harris took the phone from the relative’s hand, removed the batteries and took the girlfriend’s cellphone to a vehicle outside, according to the court document. While inside, he allegedly broke his girlfriend’s glasses she needed to drive.

Inmate accused of stealing from another prisoner

Deputy Gerard Mushchette of St. Mary’s sheriff’s office said he responded to St. Mary’s detention center for a report of assault on July 4.

A victim said he was punched in the face twice by someone with dreads before he took his commissary items from his cell, according to a court document. Mushchette said he saw Markus J. Handon, 25, of California enter the victim’s cell and exit with a bag of items.

A court document said the items costs $56.31. Handon faces a felony robbery charge, second-degree assault and theft less than $100.

California man faces felony charge after choking allegation

Carl F. Brown, 32, of California was charged with two counts of second-degree assault, one being a felony, on July 2. His fiancee told police on July 3 that he assaulted her the previous day. Deputy Michael Graves of St. Mary’s sheriff’s office said he saw bruises on her legs, multiple scrapes on her arms and a large lump on her forehead.

“The victim advised during the altercation, the defendant held her down on the bed and choked her for approximately one minute and to the point where she had trouble breathing,” Graves said in a court document. He added that the victim also said she was close to blacking out and had “memory issues” of what happened next.

Graves said Brown told him she and his fiancee were arguing about social media before he gave her a “slight push” while lying in bed. He denies any further physical altercation, according to a court document. After he went to the detention center, Brown told police the bump on the victim’s forehead happened after she hit her head on their entertainment system and he placed her hand around her throat in response to her biting him in the chest.


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