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Police: Two unconscious in car with children

The St. Mary’s sheriff’s office is headquartered at the county’s governmental campus in Leonardtown.

The St. Mary’s sheriff’s office is headquartered at the county’s governmental campus in Leonardtown.

Two Prince George’s County parents face child neglect charges following police’s allegation they were found unconscious in a parked car in John G. Lancaster Park in Lexington Park last Monday night, with young children in the back seat.

Stephanie Dent, 30, and Cedric Van Sanders, 29, both of Brandywine, were released on bail Tuesday following their Monday night arrest, which charging papers say started when Cpl. Brandon Foor of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office found the car parked, with the lights and engine off, in Lancaster Park after closing.

Charging papers say in addition to the two unconscious adults, a 3-year-old child and a 5-year-old child were found in the back seat of the car, and Foor was successful in waking up Sanders, who allegedly attempted to hide a smoking device which was in his hand.

After Sanders was detained, Dent awoke, charging papers say, and also attempted to hide the smoking device, but later admitted to possessing the pipe, and told officers the two children were her biological children, also adding that the couple had been smoking crack cocaine in the car.

“Dent and Sanders were both unconscious and under the influence of CDS, making them incapable of attending to or caring for the children,” Deputy Alexander Wynnyk wrote in charging papers.

Officers arranged with an on-call child protective services agent to have the children picked up by a legal guardian, charging papers say.

Both Dent and Sanders were charged with two counts each of neglecting a minor and reckless endangerment, as well as drug charges, and were released to their Brandywine residence the following day after posting bail.

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Twitter: @DanEntNews