A St. Mary’s College of Maryland student was removed from school after she was found stealing laboratory rats and drug-related substances from a research facility.

Thea Geiger Keppler, 20, of Kensington, faces two felonious counts of breaking and entering into a research facility, one felonious charge of possession with intent to distribute and a misdemeanor for possession-not marijuana after allegedly stealing from Goodpaster Hall in June of last year and April of this year.

A court document states that Keppler broke into a research facility on June 3, 2018, to take cocaine suspended in water for an experiment, as well as eight laboratory rats. And on April 10, the papers states she stole cocaine along with cocaine suspended in water once again.

Jason Babcock, a spokesperson for the St. Mary’s sheriff’s office, said Keppler was served an arrest warrant on June 20.

Michael Bruckler, a spokesperson for the college, said he could only speak about the April incident. “Due to the nature of the allegation, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office was immediately notified,” he said. “As a result of the investigation, the responsible student was identified and removed from campus. There have been no further incidents.”

An article from the Point News, the college’s student newspaper, said several students said they were offered small vials of what they were told to be pure medical-grade cocaine on April 13. The solution contained small amounts of cocaine suspended in liquid solvents.

“Our immediate goal was to make sure that nothing dangerous was out on campus,” the college’s Tressa Setlak, director of public safety, said in a Point News article.

The college newspaper article later states sources said Keppler was allegedly selling vials out of a sealed bag for $30 each. The college told students that the culprit was removed, adjustment to the labs’ security procedures will be made and that students should not ingest, take or touch substances with which they are unfamiliar.

Keppler was held without bond and is scheduled for a trial in late August.

Twitter: @KristenEntNews

Twitter: @KristenEntNews