The St. Mary’s commissioners on Tuesday agreed to fund local public schools $4.4 million more next fiscal year to pay for raises for school staff and other costs. However, the board chose not to fund $1.3 million requested for new safety and security positions at schools.


The news of an 11-year-old girl charged in the death of an infant in Prince George’s County two weeks ago may have prompted some to ponder the state of juvenile crime in Maryland. But the trend over the past decade has consistently shown juvenile crime on the decline on the state and local levels.

Maryland’s minimum wage looks even more likely to raise to $15 an hour after both Democratic-majority legislative chambers passed the pair of bills, and a committee resolved the differences between them.

The Alcohol Beverage Board of St. Mary’s County primarily depends on law officers to detect underage alcohol sales at stores and taverns, but the board members and a sheriff’s deputy working as their enforcement coordinator continue to support a similar effort by the county’s Community Alcoh…


Bill Quinn's skill at transforming food bags into bookmarks, purses and handbags draws interest from Lucy Rockwell, 11, and her grandmother, Sandra Freeman of Scotland, during Saturday's spring craft and vendor fair sponsored by the 2nd District Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad at …

Keelie Long, 8, of Suitland dons a soldier's jacket and cap, presented by Dennis Spears from the Pvt. Wallace Bowling Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, during Saturday's open house at Summerseat Farm near Mechanicsville.

Multiple bills that would provide protection and treatment for victims of sexual assault, as well as assist local law enforcement agencies with the testing and tracking of rape kits, made their way through the House and Senate, ahead of the Monday deadline for bills to crossover into the oth…

Lexington Park Ford is moving from Great Mills Road to Route 235, its future site marked by a sign near San Souci Plaza, albeit 115 feet to the east of where it was originally approved in 2015.

The narrow channel of St. Jerome Creek in southern St. Mary’s County needs to be dredged every three to five years, but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is due to take another look at installing a jetty there to mitigate the navigational issues boaters face when the mouth of the creek shoals.


Daniel and Melissa Willey, along with St. Mary’s sheriff’s deputy Blaine Gaskill, stand outside Great Mills High School on Wednesday morning during a moment of silence to honor their daughter, Jaelynn Willey, who was shot and killed by another student at the school a year ago. There will be …

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A Halloween holdup at a St. Mary's convenience store prompted a police investigation leading to the arrest of a California man, who pleaded guilty Friday to armed robbery and was sentenced to serve nine years in prison.

Seven people escaped from a Monday morning fire that swept through their home in Lexington Park's Southampton community, where they quickly alerted each other of the blaze, and a teenager made sure four younger siblings got out.