St. Mary's District Court proceedings are conducted at the Carter state office building in Leonardtown.

St. Mary’s District Court proceedings are conducted at the Carter state office building in Leonardtown.

A man accused of assaulting his fiancee posted bail on Monday.

Robert Miguel Huici, 32, of Callaway, was charged with second-degree assault on Friday after his fiancee accused him of hurting her, according to court papers.

Deputy Benjamin Raley of the St. Mary’s sheriff’s office said in court papers that the victim said this isn’t the first time her fiance assaulted her, but it is the first time she reported it to police.

“Your honor, the allegations in this case are quite serious,” Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Boyd said.

He read the allegations made in court documents out loud before suggesting Huici be held without bail.

The documents said that Huici was unhappy with his fiancee going out with her friends. When she was headed out on Friday, Huici allegedly grabbed her arm, held her down, slapped her in the face and tried to “forcefully remove her engagement ring,” Raley said in court papers.

The officer said he noticed bruising and abrasions on the victim that he said were consistent with the details she gave about the physical abuse, according to court papers. When Raley confronted the defendant about the alleged assault, Huici said he didn’t remember because he was drinking that night.

Edie Fortuna, a deputy district public defender for Southern Maryland, said her client has a job.

“Mr. Huici has a mortgage to worry about,” she said.

Fortuna added that he can live with his parents if he was released. “His parents would give him support, but also the kick in the pants if needed,” Fortuna said.

The public defender said she understands the allegations but noted that Huici, with his job and living space, would not need to contact the victim while he was on bail.

St. Mary’s District Judge Christy Holt Chesser noted that the fiancee has a protective order against Huici. “He has a place to live and a place to work,” she said. “I’m going to have him sent on level four probation.”

Chesser ordered that Huici is not to have any contact with the victim while he is released.

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Twitter: @KristenEntNews