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The farmers market at the northern end of the county will soon get to move out of the Charlotte Hall library parking lot as construction begins on its new location nearby off Thompson Corner Road.

Although the groundbreaking for the relocated farmers market was held virtually on Tuesday, the full construction project will “hopefully” begin next week, Cindy Greb, director of Southern Maryland Resource Conservation and Development, said on Wednesday.

The facility, which has been in the works for years through the county’s economic development department, is expected to be finished in the late summer or early fall, Greb said. It will include a 5,100-square-foot indoor market, which will operate year-round, as well as a linear building with 14 outdoor stalls, which will have storage space on the back side to be used seasonally.

Key to building discussions were Amish vendors, Greb said, adding, “The Amish were really able to shed some light on some of the components that are going to make it beautiful.”

The new farmers market will be on a 15-acre property off Thompson Corner Road, connected by boardwalk to the Three Notch Trail, Greb said.

The project, which has been in the works for several years, will replace the current farmers market at the north end of the county, which has operated in the parking lot of the Charlotte Hall Library for about 20 years.

The library site consistently backs up traffic, and coupled with library patrons and Three Notch Trail users, clogs up the library’s parking lot, which is part of why county officials wanted to relocate, Greb said. The new market space will also have enough parking to serve as another access point to the Three Notch Trail.

The resource conservation group is also holding a contest to name the new farmers market on its website,, where the group is also attempting to raise non-governmental funds for additions to the market, including utilities for a kitchen within the indoor market.

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Twitter: @DanSoMdNews