St. Mary's District Court proceedings are conducted at the Carter state office building in Leonardtown.

St. Mary’s District Court proceedings are conducted at the Carter state office building in Leonardtown.

A judge granted a California man bail after he was accused of assaulting his mother’s boyfriend.

Anthony Lashawn Briscoe, 22, was charged with home invasion, second-degree assault and disorderly conduct after an incident in April.

Police responded to a disturbance at a hotel in California when they approached Briscoe, according to court documents. Deputy Andrew Budd of St. Mary’s sheriff’s office said in the document Briscoe punched the victim in the face because he thought his mother’s boyfriend would hit him with a bat.

Budd said the defendant also told him he was invited to the hotel by his mom, which the mother confirmed. However, witnesses said in a court document that Briscoe forced his way in and started assaulting the victim “unprovoked.”

“As of now, no bat was seen in plain view or found in the room,” Budd said in the document.

The victim had swelling on his face and an abrasion on his shoulder, according to the court document.

Assistant State Attorney Joseph Boyd said Briscoe has failed to appear in court in the past and the state’s primary concern is that he would fail to appear again if released on bail.

Edie Fortuna, a deputy district public defender for Southern Maryland, said the victim has a history of assaulting both the mother and the defendant.

The public defender also said her client did not receive notices for court dates Boyd said he failed to appear.

Fortuna noted Briscoe has a 1-year-old child, requires medication for a health condition and could live with his grandparents if released.

“The original charges are quite serious,” Robert B. Riddle, an administrative judge for the district courts of Southern Maryland, said to Fortuna.

The public defender recommended he be released on pretrial supervision. “It would be very difficult to miss a court date on pretrial supervision,” she said.

Riddle granted his release and said his next court date will be July 31.

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Twitter: @KristenEntNews