St. Mary's District Court proceedings are conducted at the Carter state office building in Leonardtown.

St. Mary’s District Court proceedings are conducted at the Carter state office building in Leonardtown.

A St. Mary’s prosecutor told a judge at a Wednesday bail hearing that Lavonte King, 27, has a long history of domestic violence with his wife.

Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Boyd said the main issue surrounding King’s possible release on bail is public safety, “especially with the victim.”

Edie Fortuna, a deputy district public defender for Southern Maryland, acknowledges the history between the couple, but said the wife was taking advantage of the justice system.

King was charged with second-degree assault after his wife, Trinik Shatega King, who was also charged this week for destroying a car driven by Lavonte King, told police he hit her in the face May 26 in Lexington Park, according to court documents.

“My client denies these allegations,” Fortuna said. She said her client, if released, has two potential places to stay that are away from his wife, and the public defender recommended Lavonte King be released on an electronic monitoring system, which would ensure he shows up for his next court date.

Robert B. Riddle, the administrative judge for Southern Maryland, said he isn’t concerned about Lavonte King showing up, but about public safety. The judge said since the defendant was accused of assaulting the same victim more than once, he can’t ensure he will not do it again once he’s released.

“He’s going to be held without bond,” Riddle said.

Meanwhile, Trinik Shatega King, 24, was charged with destruction of property and theft less than $100 after court papers said she vandalized a car in Leonardtown on Sunday.

Barron Greene, a witness, said the defendant asked to borrow scissors then attempted to puncture Greene’s friend’s car, which was dropped off by Lavonte King and registered to Jacqueline Carroll, Deputy Matthew McCuen of the St. Mary’s sheriff’s office said in a court document.

When she couldn’t puncture the tire, she grabbed a knife from inside Greene’s house and slashed three tires, court documents read.

“Mr. Greene stated the defendant was enraged with anger as she continued to inflict damage to the victim’s car,” McCuen said.

After King struck the car windows with a car jack, according to court papers, Greene said Lavonte King put her 8-year-old son through the shattered window to unlock the door so she could shred the driver and passenger seats. She drove away afterward without returning Greene’s $15 kitchen knife, according to the court document.

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