On Wednesday, the St. Mary’s school board approved an $82,043 contract to fund interior painting of George Washington Carver Elementary School in Lexington Park and Fairlead Academy I in Great Mills.

The contract, awarded to Tito Construction Inc., will fund the painting of the entire interior of the two schools this summer, barring the ceilings of the gymnasium, cafeteria and some administrative offices, which can be repainted during the school year.

Carver Elementary was last painted 13 years ago, and Fairlead Academy I was last painted in 2008.

“Repainting of school interiors are based on a 12-year cycle,” Steven Whidden, the school system’s maintenance director, said, “but it adjusts based on evaluations of the paint quality.”

“It’s important that we maintain the appearance of our schools, exterior and interior,” board member Mary Washington said, thanking the maintenance department for proposing the project.

The painting is expected to be complete by Aug. 23, before the beginning of the school year. Today, Friday, June 14, is the last day for St. Mary’s public schools, which will reopen on Sept. 3.

The board also appropriated $370,500 to relocate two modular classrooms from Spring Ridge Middle School to Park Hall Elementary School before the elementary school undergoes HVAC renovation and a roof renovation, as well as $57,615 to replace asbestos-containing ceiling tiles at White Marsh Elementary School. Each of the projects will be completed before the next school year begins.

“It’s like their first day of school” for the departments of operations and maintenance, board chairman Karin Bailey said on Wednesday.