Among the litany of things the coronavirus pandemic affected this year was the Maryland General Assembly’s ability to finish the business of the people in Annapolis. Social distancing and concerns about spreading COVID-19 forced the state Senate and House of Delegates to end their annual ses…

Covering COVID-19


Dear readers,

As the evolving concern and impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus heightens, all of us at your local newspaper and APG Media of Chesapeake are dedicated to providing the most recent and relevant information to our community.

During these unprecedented times, it is crucial for all people to get local and reliable information from a trusted source.

As we see our role to inform and update our community of the latest news or announcements, effective immediately, all local news, public information and announcements surrounding the coronavirus will be accessible as a public service to all visitors to our websites.

If you have questions or would like to submit information, please submit your questions to us and our news teams will do our best to assist you in providing information.

Each and every day, we are grateful for the work of our associates, the support from our community and the trust our readers and clients bestow in us.

Be safe.

Jim Normandin

President and Publisher

Most folks who have long pedigrees in Southern Maryland, as well as those not originally from from our area, have learned over the decades to live harmoniously by melding provincial sensibilities and sophisticated ideas through the social graces of a “live and let live” temperament, as well …

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For most of my life I was able to say that I had never been in the hospital. Even when somebody would invariably ask where I was born, I would say that I was born in the Takoma Park Sanitarium.

We are all now aware how quickly infectious diseases can spread around the world. In light of COVID-19, we can better see that infectious disease killers continue to be an enormous burden on the world’s population. The largest of these infectious killers is tuberculosis, an airborne disease …

Flags have many meanings. Some indicate a start or a win of an event. Others, if held in certain ways, display messages, but many are particularly special.

As a child, summer was always my favorite season of the year, visiting Grandma Alice’s house in St. Mary’s County. While piling into our family car to leave the “city life” of Norfolk. I could already see the tall swaying willow trees, sunny cornfields and grazing cows. Visions of running al…

Even as St. Mary’s County moves slowly — and we pray, safely — from the coronavirus pandemic, families in our county suffer from job loss and other hardships. These hardships could increase once the moratorium on evictions and utilities shutoffs is lifted.

This is my duty as a white woman in America. It is my duty to use my privilege and voice to speak out against the injustices black people all over the nation have faced not just now, but for years.

This is a time of crisis in our country. Not only are we experiencing a worldwide pandemic which is exposing serious inequities in our health care system, but we are once again witnessing racial injustice in our policing and justice systems.