About three years before he became an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, Louis D. Brandeis said in a 1913 article in Harper’s Weekly, “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the …

The next step in Maryland’s march to offer more gambling unanimously passed the state Senate on Tuesday. The bill could clear the way for Maryland to legalize retail and online sports betting at its six casinos, three horse racing tracks and maybe even FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins.

If they pass, the Kirwan Commission’s education reform recommendations coming before our representatives in Annapolis will be awfully expensive. To help move more of your money into the kitty, both chambers are mulling legislation to implement significant new taxes, a couple of which came to…

Maryland has had an interesting history as it relates to people who do not identify as heterosexual. In 1973, it became the first state to ban civil marriage between anyone other than one man and one woman. Then, in 2013, same-sex civil marriage became the law here as Maryland flipped 180 de…

Dick Gregory, the late comedian and activist, once quipped in a stand-up routine that “when they gave black folks a month to celebrate our history, it figures that they gave us the shortest month of the year. But it’s better than just a week.”

Keeping information in the sunshine is very important to maintain a healthy relationship between government and the taxpayers who support it.

In addition to celebrating the “heart” of February here in the middle of this 29-day month, we’d like to remind readers that it’s also American Heart Month.

At the risk of wasting food to make a point, try this experiment: Go to your local grocery store and buy a melon. A cantaloupe would suffice. A honeydew would do. Then, take it out in the parking lot and chuck it as high as you can. Note the result when it lands.

This is National Burn Awareness Week, through Saturday, Feb. 8. And according to the Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal, almost a quarter of all burn injuries occur in children younger than 15.

So America officially has a new branch of the military. And as of last Friday, the newly minted U.S. Space Force has an official logo as well. Many have said it bears a striking resemblance to the insignia on the shirts of crew members of the “Star Trek” television and movie franchise.

It’s been against the law in Maryland for more than four years now, but with winter biding its time before it grabs Southern Maryland in its icy grip, it’s worth reminding ourselves of it again: You’re not supposed to leave your vehicle idling when you’re not in it.

If you’re interested in throwing in your hat for an elected position this year, you’d better get a move on. The deadline to file is this Friday, Jan. 24, for the April 28 primary.

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