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It is said that sometimes people “cannot see the forest for the trees” when small details obscure the broader view, or “tunnel vision” occurs when awareness suffers from a very narrow perspective. We see the appearance of something rather than the thing itself. Attention is diverted from the…

So you want to quit smoking. How did you get started?

A photo recently published in the media showing a local parish priest hearing drive-by confessions in the church parking lot may become one of those iconic images that captures a year like no other.

First and foremost, my condolences to the two families who lost a loved one at Great Mills High School as a result of the shooting on March 20, 2018.

On March 1, the Maryland House of Delegates passed the $32 billion “Kirwan Education Spending Bill” (HB 1300). This is the single most expensive spending legislation considered by the state legislature. It’s $4 billion a year for eight years.

We, the citizens of St. Mary’s County, represented by the elected board of education, are being wrongfully sued in U.S. District Court for compensatory and punitive damages arising from the murder of a student in March 2018 at Great Mills High School.

If Bill Wetmore’s March 6 letter, accusing President Trump of loving communists, were a political science essay, he would get a failing grade.

St. Mary’s County’s NAACP chapter, in partnership with St. Mary’s public schools, sponsored the eighth annual Southern Maryland Spring College and Career Fair on Jan. 24 as a kickoff to honor African American History Month. Historically Black Colleges and Universities, local colleges/univers…

The idea by Gov. Larry Hogan (R) for Maryland’s bus fleet to become 50% zero-emission by 2030, which is laid out in Maryland’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act Draft Plan, is definitely a step in the right direction to benefit the environment.

When Joaquin Phoenix accepted the Oscar for best actor on Feb. 9, he gave a beautiful speech about humanity’s most important trait: compassion. Yet, as he pointed out, we feel entitled to impregnate a cow by force with artificial insemination, steal her newborn baby while ignoring her cries …

Thanks to an innovative new program in Maryland, there’s good news for those looking for health insurance. This tax season, Marylanders have a special opportunity to sign up for coverage.

Two weeks ago, the Maryland House Health and Government Operations Committee heard testimony on eight proposed bills. I was there in Annapolis on behalf of the Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland to testify on House Bill 317: Mental Health Involuntary Admissions-Procedures.

David Deaderick tells us in his Feb. 19 letter to the editor that “investment in public education is an investment in people.” The operative word he left out here was “wise.”

Both the Maryland Senate and Maryland House of Delegates are considering bills to ban plastic bags at point-of-sale locations. I hope my representatives support this legislation.

As the subject of an article in the Friday, Feb. 21, edition of The Enterprise headlined “Resident complains about zoning complaint process,” I would like to make clear my concern about anonymity in reporting zoning and permit violations to the county.