In his July 3 response to my letter of May 31, Mr. Robert H. Volland questions whether I intended to trivialize the issue of climate change, and whether I am aware of the April 15 information statement by the American Meteorological Society. My intent was to challenge the politicizing and exploitation of this issue, as further evidenced in my letter of June 19. I am aware of the AMS statement that “reflects current scientific understanding.”

It is noted that the AMS repeatedly uses the term “likely” in respect to this understanding and discussion because the accuracy of climate change models is imperfect. To assert that climate change is an “existential” threat based on these computer simulations is irresponsible and reckless. But to deny that human impact on the environment is a threat is ignorant. As I stated in my June 19 letter, politicized science and the profiteers — political and financial — of climate change cannot be trusted. I appreciate Mr. Holland’s response.