Maryland is home to world-class waterfowl and deer hunting. Hunting has been part of our heritage since the very beginning. The Chesapeake region and Susquehanna Flats go hand in hand with Maryland’s and the nation’s tradition of waterfowl hunting.

Both waterfowl hunting and deer hunting are time-honored traditions in Maryland. It’s a rich history we can be proud of.

Senate Bill 293 would lift the existing ban on hunting waterfowl on Sundays, while Senate Bill 390 would lift the ban on hunting deer on Sundays.

These are both reasonable bills that would greatly benefit Maryland’s economy and could increase tourism for many regions in our state as well as help grow our economy.

In fact, lifting the ban of hunting on Sundays would result in the direct, and indirect, creation of over 1,000 new jobs and add $57 million a year in new salaries and wages to our economy. This would be on top of the existing 4,500 jobs and $128 million in salaries and wages that can already be traced back to hunting.

I hope our elected officials in Annapolis will agree that these bills are good for Maryland, and that they are passed.