Many pregnant women who can’t or don’t want to raise a child are often pressured into having an abortion as their only solution. That isn’t true. Just because a woman gives birth to a child doesn’t mean she has to raise that child. Two good pro-life options that save the child’s life are a possible adoption and the guarantee of Safe Haven.

Safe Haven is a program in all 50 states that allows a mother to turn her newborn baby over to a hospital or competent authority (police or firemen for example) anonymously with no questions asked. General requirements are that the baby be not more than 10 days old and unharmed. The baby will be eligible for adoption. The laws vary by state.

Two very big problems with abortions are that they are final and often the result of a quick, early decision, without any consideration of changing circumstances in the future. It’s too late if the pregnant woman has an abortion during the first month and then realizes that she could have raised the child, or that her family or the child’s father could help, or that the local Care Net Pregnancy Center could have helped, or if someone want to adopt the child.

One great thing about Safe Haven is that she can choose life for her child and have about nine months to decide whether to keep or give up her child. Knowing that Safe Haven is always available can certainly affect her decisions during her pregnancy and keep her from making an early, quick decision. Safe Haven also avoids the possibility of physical, mental or emotional damage that sometimes results from an abortion and has the possibility of the mother meeting her child sometime in the future.