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As the evolving concern and impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus heightens, all of us at your local newspaper and APG Media of Chesapeake are dedicated to providing the most recent and relevant information to our community.

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As we see our role to inform and update our community of the latest news or announcements, effective immediately, all local news, public information and announcements surrounding the coronavirus will be accessible as a public service to all visitors to our websites.

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Even before she began attending Town Creek Elementary School in Lexington Park, St. Mary’s County resident Finley Costello had developed a passion for running and playing soccer and now she takes part in charity running events to benefit a childhood friend who can no longer participate in them.

Although the Budds Creek Motocross Park in Mechanicsville will remain open for business throughout the summer and fall and even host an event on July 25, it will not be part of the national motocross tour this summer for the first time in over 30 years.

On Sunday afternoon at Breton Bay Golf and Country Club in Leonardtown, youth golfers on the Junior Tour powered by Under Armour convened for their last chance to earn a medal and divisional honors. Two of the three winners were also the overall age group champions, one of whom had clinched …