I’ve written a few times about invasive species in Florida, beginning with the lionfish derby, a concerted effort to remove as many lionfish as possible from the Atlantic Ocean. Over 40,000 fish have been removed through REEF supported derbies since 2010.

I’ve got a few places I’d like to visit with my family these next two months, beginning with a special trip with my daughter later in January to celebrate her birthday.

Were you one of the folks who joined the thousands of other Marylanders who rang in the New Year going on a First Day Hike?

The time before Christmas can feel so frenzied. Then comes the time after Christmas, which is usually not-at-all frenzied.

Happy New Year. Truth be told, I’m a teensy bit sad to say goodbye to 2019. It was a great year for my family. All the kids were healthy, learning, growing. and most important becoming increasingly self-sufficient.

We’ve made it to the end of another work week and the next few days will be filled with holiday cheer.

Once I wrote a column about Christmas trees. I’d been enjoying artificial trees for the better part of two decades, ever since I’d been an adult and living on my own.

Hot on the heels of successful early archery and muzzleloader seasons, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has just announced that the opening day of firearms deer season saw a 29% increase in deer harvested over 2018’s Saturday opener.

This past weekend, I was seated next to a lovely woman at a holiday party. While our husbands were outside patting themselves on the back for a good year and smoking cigars, I listened — intently — as she told me about planning her daughter’s wedding earlier this year.

Last week I did my best to put away the leftover turkey and pumpkin cheesecake, but by Saturday morning, my jeans were beginning to feel a bit tight.

It’s that time of year again. Every day my mailbox is filled to the brim with catalogs from retailers attempting to lighten my wallet this Christmas. Not to alarm anyone, but there are only 21 more shopping days till the 25th.

I do so hope everyone had a chance to give thanks and spend time with family and friends on Thanksgiving. After all, being with loved ones is one of the greatest gifts of all.

There’s a small, bony and oily fish that swims in the Chesapeake Bay and up and down the Atlantic Coast called the menhaden.

Last month, two of the biggest names in bass fishing tournaments made a major announcement that they’d be joining forces. And this month the papers were signed to make the deal official. Major League Fishing has acquired Fishing League Worldwide.