Patuxent High School will host an anti-bullying awareness event featuring Bryan Stow at 6:30 tonight.

Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan, was brutally beaten in March 2001 following a Giants game in Los Angeles against the Dodgers. A paramedic before the attack, Stow now tells his story in the hopes of persuading today’s youth to live bully-free lives.

“It’s a joint effort between the Southern End Football Alliance, which is a nonprofit organization down here in Lusby, and Patuxent High School,” Patuxent head football coach Nick Allen said. “We just wanted to bring Mr. Stow in to deliver his message about anti-bullying and fan violence. His main purpose is to try to stop those bullying behaviors before they reach adulthood. To try to cut it off before it goes any further.”

Jimmy Eaches, who is the president of SEFA and also is a Dodgers fan, happened to run across The Bryan Stow Foundation, which started the wheels in motion towards Stow coming to Southern Maryland to deliver his message. He was set to speak three straight days, the first at some elementary schools, the second at Southern Middle School in Lusby and Patuxent High and then the public event tonight at Patuxent.

“The whole story behind Brian’s incident was between a Dodgers fan and Brian, a Giants fan,” Allen said. “[Eaches] knew about the story and stumbled upon his organization and contacted him out of the blue and then contacted me to bring this whole thing together. It’s really been a whole community outreach thing to bring him here. [Stow is] actually volunteering his time and donating his time to come to the school to deliver his message in order to try to hopefully get some donations to his foundation.”

Doors open at 6 tonight. Admission is free, though donations for the foundation will be accepted.

Twitter: @cfhphilly

Twitter: @cfhphilly