A group of Charles County residents held a “fox hunt” in Charles County on the morning of April 6 — but no horses were involved and no animals were harmed.

Six teams of amateur radio operators, or “hams”, from the Charles County Amateur Radio Club and the Fort Washington Amateur Radio Club attempted to locate a “fox” — one of the club members — who had set up a base somewhere in the county.

By using various means to triangulate the signal and follow clues provided over the radio by the fox, five of the teams were led to Marshall Landing at Piscataway Park.

The team of Jayne McNutt, Rick McNutt and Rob Hoyt were able to finally track down and locate the fox.

Through the fox hunt, amateur radio operators were able to hone skills that could be used to help locate a lost person or pet and also to learn more about radio propagation, the behavior of radio waves as they travel from one point to another.