Having young children means getting comfortable with chaos.

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This is a reprinting of a column from March 18, 2016. Megan will be back on Friday.

I pick up accents easily. It’s totally unintentional. I hear an interesting tone of voice and start emulating it before I can tell my brain to knock it off.

Everyone has their thoughts on what equates to solid parenting. We’re no different.

After four years of faithful service, we have shut down Bottle Corner.

This is a favorite originally published Feb. 17, 2016. Megan will be back to her usual exploits next week.

There’s nothing like a good piece of quartz, am I right?

I remember once being surrounded by music.

I’m not a big snow lover. Spring — with its Peeps, budding trees and warm breezes — is much more my speed. Or autumn! Definitely fall, full of pumpkins and pies and family time.