Today marks 10 years of “Right, Meg?”

This column was originally published Nov. 22, 2017.

It’s a question that divides friends and relatives, office mates and acquaintances. Some are staunchly “pro.” Others are adamantly against.

I remember my earliest night terrors: dreams about witches and cauldrons, no doubt informed by my lifelong fear of “The Wizard of Oz.” I’ve always been a sensitive, anxious soul. And because I have such a vivid imagination, I can’t consume anything legitimately scary: no murder-mystery podca…

I knew this day was coming. b b v

Could anything delight kids more than the words “Halloween trial run” — costumes and all?

Someone very special is celebrating a milestone birthday!

There are five pumpkins on my kitchen table. More on the porch. And several on my son’s dresser, where he insists on displaying them.

“There’s less screaming around here.”

I think I’ve reached “peak mom.”