I ate many a crazy thing when pregnant, but I never thought my taste buds would be permanently altered.

I like to live on the edge. You know: drinking hot coffee around climbing toddlers and such.

This column is reprinted from Aug. 24, 2018.

I’m late to the podcast party, but I’ve come loaded with a confetti cannon. And balloons. And a huge sheet cake with thick frosting, because seriously: When do I need an excuse for dessert?

Lots of trimming, but the curls remain.

What is it about carousels that gets even big kids excited?

Of all the stages, the “I do it!”-dress-myself phase might be making me the craziest.

If you have live or interact with young children, “Baby Shark” needs no introduction.

It was bound to happen. With my kids’ obsession with balloons, there’s no way a rogue wind wasn’t going to eventually come along to spoil the fun.

There are few public activities that don’t require reaching for your wallet. More than that, there aren’t many interesting places to take the kids that wind up being just as fun for adults.