A La Plata man has been charged with second-degree assault and disorderly conduct and a La Plata woman was charged with two counts of indecent exposure after an incident that took place Sept. 4, police say.

According to charging documents from La Plata Police Department officer John Piersa, shortly after 10:30 p.m. last Friday, officers responded to a report of disorderly subjects at a hotel on the town’s Chesapeake Street. Upon arrival, officers observed a male lying on his side on the floor near the stairs, with people nearby speculating he had taken various drugs.

The male was breathing, however was unresponsive to anyone nearby, and no signs of injury from falling were observed. He was placed in a recovery position and one dose of Narcan, a treatment for a narcotic overdose, was administered.

The male did not have any identifying information on him, but was later identified as Jonathan Lee Hicks, 30, according to charging documents. While searching for his identification, officers allegedly found two empty baggies with suspected residue from a controlled dangerous substance.

Officers also located folded aluminum foil with more residue and a suspected “crack pipe” in his pants pocket, the documents say. The alleged paraphernalia was seized and Hicks appeared to be going into deeper distress as time passed.

Contact was made with the reporting person who stated she was notified by multiple guests that people in the Room 315 were being disruptive. When she went to investigate, the caller noticed Hicks pulling on the door with both of his hands and a female inside the room, later identified as Amber Leiux Lazzaro, 45, attempting to push the door open.

Lazzaro succeeded in pushing her way out, however she was allegedly entirely naked and began to chase Hicks down the hall, according to the charging documents. The witness ran to contact police and while doing so, allegedly observed Lazzaro running around the parking lot naked. The witness was able to convince Lazarro to come back inside.

Hicks had inched his way from the lobby to the bottom of the stairs when Lazzaro ran past him and back outside, according to police. A citizen approached Lazzaro but the citizen ran when Lazzaro appeared to threaten them. Lazzaro ran back into the room prior to officers arriving.

Officers made contact with Lazzaro, who was fully clothed at the time, with bloodshot eyes and a bloody mouth. Lazzaro allegedly had blank stares, appeared dazed and had slow responses as officers attempted to speak with her.

Room items were displaced and an ashtray was spilled and several items including the phone were on the floor. Emergency medical services responded to evaluate Lazzaro, who allegedly said she took MDMA, K2 and crack cocaine. At some point, she got in the bath and that is why she was naked earlier, according to the charging documents.

Lazzaro alleged Hicks was acting strange because of the drugs, and said she chased Hicks out of the room out of concern and did not have time to put on clothes. Lazzaro was allegedly unaware of her injuries.

Lazzaro alleged that at one point, Hicks hit her and he was doing it “for a while.” She could not clarify where he hit her, if it was an open fist, closed fist or any other specifics, according to the court documents. She then became increasingly uncooperative and refused EMS services or any other support from the incident.

Hicks remained unresponsive and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Officers offered Lazzaro transportation to her residence but she denied officers searching her property, so she was not transported.

Hicks had a slow response and gave a dazed appearance and seemed confused while officers tried to contact him at the hospital, according to the charging papers. Hicks allegedly denied having any knowledge of what happened and claimed he only used marijuana and drank alcohol.

Both Hicks and Lazzaro have preliminary hearings scheduled for Nov. 9.

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Twitter: @RyanSoMdNews