Pomfret man charged with attempted murder

A Pomfret man was arrested on Feb. 3 and charged with assault and attempted murder after allegedly stabbing another man in the victim’s La Plata apartment.

Per Charles County Sheriff’s Office deputy Riffle’s statement of charges, shortly before 4:30 p.m., officers responded to Charles Street for the report of a stabbing. Officers arrived and allegedly found the victim suffering from a stab wound to the abdomen.

Officers located an unharmed woman inside the apartment, who allegedly pointed to James Bernard Swann, 62, of Pomfret when asked who carried out the stabbing. Swann was apprehended and the victim received medical treatment.

Shortly after, the woman who owns and rents the apartment arrived, after she was allegedly contacted by Swann after the stabbing took place. The woman alleged that Swann called her and said that the victim slapped Swann, so Swann stabbed the victim. Swann posted his $20,000 bond and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 6.

Welcome man charged with endangerment

A Welcome man has been charged with assault and intoxicated endangerment after an incident that allegedly occurred at his home on Jan. 25.

Per Charles County Sheriff’s Office deputy Austin’s statement of charges, at around 9 p.m. on Jan. 26 the victim allegedly reported that her husband of five years, Darnell Tajuan Twitty Clark, 29, of Welcome, assaulted her while they were both consuming alcohol in bed. Clark allegedly complained that the victim was speaking too loud and smacked her in her face.

The victim allegedly attempted to smack Clark in the face, but Clark pinned the victim down on the bed and began choking her with both hands around her neck. The victim allegedly was let go after pulling Clark’s hair and began to gather items from her closet to leave the house. The victim and Clark then allegedly began cursing at each other and Clark pushed her back onto the bed.

Clark allegedly began choking her again with both his hands and told her “I will end your life right now.” The victim allegedly could not breathe and “blacked-out” briefly before Clark released her. The victim was able to exit the residence, but Clark allegedly told her “if you come back, you better have somebody with you.” The victim allegedly described Clark as having anger issues and violent tendencies, as Clark has allegedly assaulted her multiple times in the past and damaged her personal property.

The victim allegedly had bruising around her neck consistent with being choked. Clark was released on his own recognizance on Jan. 28. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 26.

Alleged gun threat draws charges

A Waldorf man has been charged with first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and firearm use after threatening a woman with a gun on Jan. 29.

Per Charles County Sheriff’s Office POI Donahue’s statement of charges, at about 11 a.m, officers responded to Golden Eagle Place in Waldorf for a report of threats and harassment. Upon meeting the with the victim, it was learned that a 17-year-old Waldorf male walked to her home and asked her for a ride to the mall.

The two went to the victim’s vehicle and victim allegedly refused to drive the male to the mall, at which point an argument ensued. The male allegedly pulled out a black handgun with a short barrel and told the victim “I’m going to smoke you.” As officers arrived, the male allegedly tried to flee the scene on foot.

The male posted a $3,000 bond, and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 28.

Waldorf man allegedly made threats with gun

A Waldorf man has been charged with second-degree assault after allegedly pointing a gun at a victim and making threatening comments on Jan. 14.

Per Charles County Sheriff’s Office deputy Beach’s statement of charges, officers responded to Winchester Street in Waldorf for an alleged armed suspect threatening a victim. The victim alleged that Verro Bernard Love, 42, of Waldorf pointed a gun at him and threatened him.

The victim allegedly said that he had been having ongoing problems with Love over the past few months. The victim alleged that Love has been slashing the tires on his vehicles, with 12 tires slashed on two separate vehicles over the past few months.

The victim allegedly exited his apartment and spotted Love next to one of his vehicles, then the victim asked Love “what the [expletive] are you doing?” Love allegedly pulled out a silver handgun from his waist and said “the next time it will be your head and not your tires,” then walked back to his vehicle and drove off.

The victim was able to properly identify Love to officers and Love was arrested while trying to leave his home.

Love was released on his own recognizance on Jan. 16. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 9.

Pomonkey car fire under investigation

The Office of the State Fire Marshal is investigating the specifics of a Feb. 3 fire that destroyed an SUV in Pomonkey, according to a press release.

Per the release, six firefighters from the Bryans Road volunteer station responded to the area of Bumpy Oak Road and Birchwood Place for a reported fire first observed by a passerby around midnight. The fire was under control in 10 minutes and did an estimated $15,000 in damage to the 2017 Chevrolet Suburban. There were no injuries.

The preliminary cause remains under investigation. Anyone with further information is asked to contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal, Southern Regional Office, at 443-550-6835.