Officers arrested a suspect in connection with the March 2019 shooting death of 18-year-old Walter Eugene Thomas on Saturday, according to court records.

Michael Rashid Moore, a 22-year-old Waldorf man, is charged with first- and second-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, robbery, armed robbery, reckless endangerment, theft and weapons and conspiracy charges in relation to the crime.

According to charging documents prepared by Det. John Long of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, officers responded to a call from a Gallery Place apartment in Waldorf about a missing person in the early morning hours March 5, shortly after midnight. A man told officers he and his friend, Thomas, had been approached by a man who told them not to run. The man told officers he then heard a gunshot and could not find Thomas.

Officers combed the area, according to the report, and found the scene of the shooting in the area of Fairchild Court in the Wakefield neighborhood. They later found Thomas dead of a gunshot wound to the chest on a bike path off Freemantle Court.

Thomas’ friend told police they had been leaving a friend’s home and were walking to Thomas’s Gallery Place residence nearby. While walking on Fairchild Court, the report says, “they noticed a vehicle following slowly behind them.” A man emerged from the car, police were told, and Thomas’ friend ran when the man instructed them not to do so. After fleeing the scene and hearing the gunshot, according to the report, Thomas’ friend returned to look for him a short time later and contacted his mother when he could not find him.

While investigating Thomas’ murder, Long wrote, he “was aware of another shooting that occurred two days prior on Amber Leaf Place, which is a short distance from this shooting.” In that instance, the report says, officers responded to reports of a Wakefield shooting around 7:15 p.m. March 3. They found a man was shot three times in the back while driving. The victim fled in his vehicle, the report says, and returned to his apartment.

A man who was allegedly with Moore at the time of the shooting later identified him to police as the gunman in the March 3 shooting, the report says. Moore allegedly admitted his involvement to police when they served a warrant at his home April 9. However, the report says, Moore denied any connection to Thomas’ murder when interrogated.

One of the individuals allegedly with Moore at the time of the March 3 shooting also spoke to police April 9, while Moore was being interviewed. According to the report, that individual told officers Moore and his cousin “Darren” planned a similar shooting “in an attempt to throw off investigators.” Moore left his home with his cousin some time between 11 p.m. and midnight, the man told police, and didn’t return until the early morning hours. In the morning, the man said, Moore allegedly told him to check Instagram, where the man learned of Thomas’ death.

When confronted with this information by officers, the report says, Moore allegedly posited to investigators that his cousin and another man, who Moore called “G,” had shot Thomas. The man who had originally told investigators about Moore’s alleged role in Thomas’ shooting told police “G” was not a real person. When a warrant was served at the home of Moore’s cousin, Darren, May 17, they were told again “G” is not real.

Moore was indicted in early May in connection with the March 3 shooting, online court records show. Moore was arrested Saturday in connection to Thomas’ death and is being held without bond.

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Twitter: @LindsayIndyNews