Dillon Reid David Malave

Dillon Reid David Malave was arrested after a traffic stop on July 11.

A traffic stop ended in the arrest of a Fort Washington man after drugs and a hand gun were found in the vehicle.

Charles County Sheriff’s Office announced the bust in a press release on July 12 that Dillon Reid David Malave, 24, was arrested after the traffic stop in the area of Vivian Adams Drive and Leonardtown Road.

According to charging documents, officers initiated the stop on a black Honda Civic due to a broken headlight. Officers allegedly smelled the scent of marijuana when they approached the vehicle, and asked Malave for his license and registration.

Malave is alleged to have told officers that his license was suspended.

Officers then questioned Malave about the smell of marijuana, to which Malave allegedly said there was “maybe a little bit” of marijuana in the vehicle, according to charging documents.

When questioned on if he had a weapon in the vehicle, charging documents say that Malave stated there wasn’t a gun in the car. But when officers asked him to step out of the car, and questioned him on whether or not he had a firearm on his person, Malave allegedly admitted to having a handgun in his waistband.

Officers allegedly recovered a Glock 19 handgun from Malave’s person.

A further search of the vehicle allegedly found two baggies of marijuana in a Crown Royal beverage bag and a pill bottle with 13 oxycodone pills. A digital scale and marijuana grinder were also allegedly recovered from the vehicle.

Malave was arrested and charged with possession with intend to distribute, distribution with a firearm and the use of a firearm in a drug trafficking crime, all felonies, as well as five firearms and drug-related misdemeanors. He is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Aug. 11.

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Twitter: @DarrylSoMdNews