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La Plata man arrested after stabbing

Crime scene - tape

A La Plata man was charged with first- and second-degree assault, concealment of a dangerous weapon and possession of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure after an event that took place May 13.

According to Charles County Sheriff’s Office deputy Long’s statement of charges, shortly after midnight, officers from the La Plata Police Department and sheriff’s office responded to the area of Goose Creek Drive in reference to a stabbing complaint. Upon arrival, officers located the victim, who was suffering from a stab wound in his upper left body, under his armpit.

Officers then located David Sherman Covenant III, 52, standing in front of his residence. Covenant was arrested by officers and put into an agency vehicle.

During the initial investigation, officers spoke with Covenant about what happened. He allegedly said that he was upstairs in his bedroom when the victim was yelling to him from outside the residence. The victim allegedly told Covenant to come outside and that he was going to “kick his [expletive].”

Covenant then allegedly exited the house to confront the victim. While outside, the victim allegedly punched Covenant in the face, so Covenant stabbed the victim in self-defense. Covenant was transported to the criminal investigations division but allegedly did not provide any additional information.

The victim was transported to Prince George’s Hospital Center and was in surgery for life-threatening injuries. He was listed in serious but stable condition as of May 13.

It was learned through witness interviews that Covenant fled into his residence after the stabbing. He allegedly woke his family and told them to call the police because he had just stabbed someone. Detectives noted that Covenant no longer had a knife in his possession but did appear to have blood on the front of his pants.

Detectives made contact with a witness who lives on the same street the stabbing occurred. The witness alleged that the victim and Covenant were standing outside when they begun a verbal altercation. During the altercation, the victim started walking away, at which point Covenant followed him to the end of the driveway.

During the argument, Covenant was allegedly holding a large dog on a leash in his left hand and he produced a knife from his right pocket using his right hand. The witness observed Covenant take the knife and said he “gutted” the victim.

The witness described the knife as having a black handle and said it was a “butcher” style knife. According to the witness, Covenant is known to carry a knife.

Detectives made contact with another witness who reportedly resides with Covenant. She said she remembered falling asleep and later being woken up by Covenant after the front door slammed open. Covenant allegedly told the witness he stabbed somebody, and she needed to call the police and his parents.

Covenant was identified by officers who were familiar with him through prior law enforcement investigations. Covenant’s information was also confirmed using prior sheriff’s office records.

The initial investigation revealed that Covenant engaged in a verbal altercation with the victim shortly after midnight. During the altercation, Covenant produced a knife and stabbed the victim at least one time in his upper body, causing life-threatening injuries.

Covenant was released on his own recognizance on May 14 and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 26.

Twitter: @RVollandIndy

Twitter: @RVollandIndy