The trial of a La Plata man charged with first- and second-degree rape began before Judge William Greer and ended in the jury delivering a not guilty verdict last week.

The jury in the trial of 33-year-old Adrian DuJuan Dorsey was selected last Monday and sent home while the defense and prosecution reviewed motions in limine in the presence of Greer. Motion in limine is the process of reviewing evidence outside the presence of a jury to determine whether certain pieces are inadmissible or not. The in limine review continued Tuesday morning, partially in closed session, before the jury heard opening arguments from Assistant State’s Attorney John Stackhouse and public defender Ariel Werner.

Dorsey’s accuser took the stand Tuesday morning and recounted her version of what happened in the early morning hours of July 8, 2018. That night, the victim said on the witness stand in response to questioning from Stackhouse, she had been at her home when Dorsey, who she’d known for a few years, came over. She and Dorsey, along with a third, unidentified man, left to go purchase cigarettes at a nearby gas station. En route, the victim said, Dorsey and the other man allegedly made a detour, taking her to what she’d later learn was a vacant residence on Jazz Place.

The men said they needed to make a stop to procure something from a friend and all three got out, she testified. Dorsey broke down the door to the backyard gate, the victim said, and they tried to coax her into the home. At that point, the victim said she became suspicious and tried to leave.

Later, the woman testified in court, she had identified Dorsey in a lineup at the Charles County Sheriff’s Office as one of the two alleged assailants, but said she had no recollection of what the other man looked like.

If Dorsey were found guilty, he would have faced life in prison. The jury returned its verdict Friday.

Twitter: @LindsayIndyNews

Twitter: @LindsayIndyNews