Two separate resolutions and two ordinances were each voted on and passed by the La Plata Town Council during its regular monthly meeting on Monday night.

The ordinances and resolutions were introduced individually and read aloud by Town Manager Brent Manuel, and the motions for each were raised by Mayor Jeannine James and carried out by Councilman Matthew Simpson.

Ordinance 19-13 concerned the town’s personnel system, for “the purpose of amending certain personnel rules and regulations in the Town’s Personnel Manual; and all matters generally relating thereto.”

Resolution 19-25 allowed Manuel to move forward with the contract purchase agreement of a used dump truck and two new Ford F-250 trucks with snowplow attachments.

Emergency ordinance 19-14 concerned the amendment of the fiscal year 2020 budget for the town of La Plata, along with individual matters pertaining to the financial plan.

Resolution 19-26 authorized Manuel to enter into a contract agreement for a Directional Drill and installation of a Force Main for the Equalization Tank Project.

Each measure was voted on and passed unanimously by the town council without discussion.