An arrest warrant was issued on Aug. 11 for Patrick Elwyn Bowie, 41, of Pomfret for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, Joyce Marie Bayliss, 42, of Pomfret. The warrant was served on Aug. 13.

Per the statement of charges, Bowie allegedly threw Bayliss into a bonfire on Aug. 9 which resulted in burn marks and blisters on Bayliss’ body. She was taken to the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center. Reports show Bowie and Bayliss had allegedly been drinking.

Officers were dispatched to Charles Regional Medical Center at 2:56 a.m. on Aug. 10, according to the statement of charges. Bayliss, who had burns on 40% of her body and second degree burns, had allegedly been yelling and cursing which disrupted other patients.

When told to relax by the reporting person, Bayliss threatened to flip her HP work computer over, which Bayliss did, causing cracks on the right side of the monitor and distorting the picture. The computer had an estimated value of $2,500, according to the charging documents.

Bayliss, who had a blood alcohol level of .30, allegedly cursed out and threatened the responding officers, continuing to yell. A responding officer spoke with one doctor who wanted to transfer Bayliss to a burn facility to treat her “significant burns.” She was given morphine. She was deemed “incapable of making a sound decision regarding her medical care” and was not to be discharged until her BAC lowered.

The following day, on Aug. 11, Bayliss called 9-1-1 after falling outside of a nearby liquor store, according to the statement of probable cause. When police arrived, they allegedly found Bayliss intoxicated. Bayliss declined medical treatment for the fall. When the responding officer asked her if she fell due to her drunken state, she “took an aggressive posture,” moving closer to the officer. She was ordered to back up but responded with, “Oh, what are you gonna do?” and spit in the face of the responding officer. Bayliss resisted handcuffing and was arrested on the ground.

She was not accepted at the Charles County Detention Center due to her burn injuries and was was taken to he hospital for treatment. Bayliss was discharged and then taken to the detention center, per court documents.

Bayliss, charged with assault, malicious destruction of property and disorderly conduct, was released on her own recognizance on Aug. 12. Bowie, charged with assault, was released on his own recognizance on Aug. 14.

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