REAL Women Inc. Charles County Sister Circle hosted its first open discussion circle session on Saturday to bring in the New Year.

REAL Women Inc. was founded in 2013 by Trenace Richardson, a nationally-recognized speaker, preacher, vocalist and mentor, for the purpose of being able to be transparent and open in a safe place in order to become one’s best self.

“Before I came to REAL Women, I never really thought about who I was,” said Dana McCollum, facilitator of REAL Women Inc. Charles County Sister Circle.

REAL Women has many sister circles throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia that encourage women to learn more about themselves through transparency with others in a safe place that allows them to express their experiences as real women from various walks of life. Through open discussion, women learn how to empower and support each other and themselves mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

“This sister circle taught me how to love the totality of who we are and that life is a journey of uncovering who we are,” said a participant of the REAL Women Inc. Charles County Sister Circle on Saturday.

With a room filled to capacity, the women held a dialogue covering a wide-range of topics from self-love to domestic violence. No topics are left uncovered; however, what is said in the sister circle is meant to stay in the sister circle to protect and ensure these women have a safe place to return to.

REAL Women is always looking to welcome new members in its circles to love on, grow with and support. REAL Women is about living for the individual and loving the life you live through uncovering who you are as a woman.

This organization highlights the importance of females in community with each other as means of building one another up. Through the organization, women benefit from female empowerment and are able to discover who they really are. According to Shavon Carter, facilitator of REAL Women Charles County Sister Circle, the group offers sister circles for teens and women of all ages to provide an outlet for their voices to be heard with other females and women who can understand.

It gives women the encouragement and support they need to find themselves and become better women, according to Carter.

“This year, I’m giving myself the gift of my journey,” said another participant.

Twitter: @DejaSoMdNews

Twitter: @DejaSoMdNews