A Waldorf teen was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm as a minor and possession of an assault weapon with a high-capacity magazine after a warrant was served on Aug. 28.

According to Charles County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Charles Smith, shortly after 5:30 a.m. that Friday, members of the sheriff’s office narcotics enforcement unit and emergency service team executed a search and seizure warrant at the 12000 block of Calico Woods Place. The warrant was issued three days prior.

A search was conducted and several large empty gallon-sized heat sealed bags with marijuana residue were located throughout the basement bedroom and bathroom, according to the sheriff’s office, and in the sink of the basement bathroom there was a P80 Glock 9 mm handgun loaded with an extended magazine.

Other items allegedly found included a working digital scale with marijuana residue, U.S. currency and approximately 109 grams of a green leafy substance officers identified as marijuana, plus a box of new and unused ziploc bags. The 109 grams was allegedly bagged into ten different sandwich bags.

Officers confirmed that drug dealers will take a large amount of marijuana and break it up into smaller amounts for street sales. Officers also recognized that drug dealers will use a digital scale to weigh out their product to accurately separate it into smaller amounts to be packaged for street sales.

Officers stated in documents that drug dealers will often carry weapons including firearms to prevent intervention by law enforcement, to protect their property, money and drugs. In the same basement bathroom, in a cabinet under the sink, officers allegedly located approximately 360 grams of marijuana divided into 13 separate bags.

The basement contained a bedroom, bathroom and a laundry room. The only occupant in the basement at the time of the search warrant was Ary Manuel Carbajal-Palma, 19, according to the sheriff’s office.

All of Carbajal-Palma’s belongings were located in the basement and the other occupants of the house stated that he stays in the basement. In the basement bedroom, officers allegedly found a black composition book containing a drug ledger.

Officers concluded that the alleged controlled dangerous substances, packaging material, as well as a drug ledger used to keep track of sales, customers and money owed, are associated with the distribution of controlled dangerous substances.

Carbajal-Palma is under the age of 21, making it illegal for him to possess a handgun. Carbajal-Palma is prohibited from possessing any firearms because on Feb. 15, 2018, he was adjudicated delinquent by a juvenile court for one act that would be a disqualifying crime if committed by an adult. The disqualifier goes until Carbajal-Palma reaches the age of 30.

Carbajal-Palma allegedly stated that the handgun belonged to him and the magazine that was inserted into the gun is capable of holding 31 rounds of ammunition. The gun was allegedly loaded with 19 rounds of 9 mm ammunition.

Carbajal-Palma posted his $3,000 bond on Saturday and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 30.

Twitter: @RyanSoMdNews

Twitter: @RyanSoMdNews