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Waldorf woman charged with multiple theft counts


A Waldorf woman was charged May 8 with one count of felony theft and four misdemeanor counts of theft after events that took place throughout the month of April.

According to charging documents from Charles County Sheriff’s Office deputy Austin, on April 26, officers were contacted by representatives of the Target store in Waldorf regarding a series of thefts that had occurred at the store. Representatives told officers they discovered an employee, Tyshaun Antoinette Dantley, 20, had allegedly been stealing Apple products from the business on multiple occasions while working her scheduled shifts.

A representative told officers that they had video surveillance recordings of the thefts and provided officers with accounts of each incident. The representative said that on April 9, shortly after noon, a loss prevention officer told them about a suspicious guest that was encountered at the front lanes of the business. The guest was allegedly approaching the front of the business with an exposed Apple accessory, that was usually secured in a “keeper.”

A “receipt check” was conducted with the guest, where the guest alleged he did not have a receipt because he purchased the item directly from an employee by the fitting room. The guest told the loss prevention officer he utilized an application on his cell phone to communicate and purchase the items from the employee.

A surveillance review was conducted, and at about 9:38 a.m., Dantley is allegedly seen selecting the Apple cord product which she later sold to the guest from the sales floor. Shortly after noon, Dantley is allegedly seen removing the Apple product from her pants pocket and conducting an exchange of the product with the guest by the fitting room. The stolen Apple accessory was valued at $29.99. Due to the incident, the representative began an internal investigation on Dantley. The representative reviewed surveillance recordings of the business that allegedly showed Dantley stealing merchandise from the business and presented the findings to sheriff’s office deputies.

On April 13, at around 3:41 p.m., Dantley was allegedly captured on surveillance video quickly taking an Apple Watch Series 3 from a storage area in the back room of the business. Dantley allegedly did not scan the merchandise upon removing it or placing it at the order pick-up holding location. At around 4:04 p.m., Dantley is allegedly seen placing a cart, with the Apple Watch in it, at the order pick-up area and walking away.

At around 4:15 p.m., Dantley is allegedly seen walking to the team member offstage area through the health and beauty department with the exposed merchandise. The Apple Watch was allegedly never rung through a point of sale, and the approximate value of the stolen watch was listed at $199.99.

On April 15, at around 4:21 p.m., Dantley is allegedly seen on surveillance video selecting two Apple Airpods without scanning the location or the merchandise itself and is seen exiting the stockroom with the merchandise. At around 6 p.m., Dantley is allegedly seen in the electronics stockroom selecting one pre-paid iPhone and scanning the front of the box, but the barcode is located on the bottom of the box of that particular piece of merchandise. Dantley allegedly did not scan that location to remove the item. Dantley allegedly entered the stockroom again, selecting an Apple iPad Mini without scanning the location or the merchandise and exited the stockroom. At around 6:48 p.m., Dantley is reportedly seen in the order pick-up holding area selecting a bag and placing the Apple products in the bag without scanning them. The bag was then placed onto the order pick-up holding cart before Dantley left the area.

At about 6:51 p.m., Dantley is allegedly seen back in the holding area where she selects the bag. Dantley was allegedly observed carrying the bag and exited the store at 7:01 p.m. without paying for the merchandise. The stolen Apple products were valued at $999.96.

On April 21, at around 5:55 p.m., Dantley is allegedly seen on surveillance in the electronics stockroom and makes a quick selection of Apple Airpods and an Apple Watch without scanning the items or the locations at the business. Dantley is allegedly seen in the order pick-up holding area placing the items in a bag at around 6:18 p.m. Later, Dantley is allegedly seen making another quick selection of two Airpods and one Apple Watch and exiting the stockroom. At around 8:02 p.m., Dantley is alleged to be in the holding area where she takes the original bag from earlier and conceals the additional Apple Watch and Airpods in the bag. Dantley allegedly places the bag on a shelf, and no items were scanned.

At around 8:29 p.m., Dantley is alleged to be seen taking the bag with the merchandise and exiting the business without paying for the items. The total value of the stolen items was estimated at $1,459.95.

Dantley allegedly stole merchandise having a total value of about $2,689.89 from her employer during four separate incidents while working her scheduled shifts. Target representatives asked officers for assistance with the incident and said that Target wished to pursue criminal charges against Dantley for her alleged involvement with the thefts.

On April 26, officers responded to the Target store and made contact with Dantley inside the business. Officers verified her identity, at which point Dantley allegedly admitted her involvement in the aforementioned thefts.

Dantley’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 27.

Twitter: @RVollandIndy

Twitter: @RVollandIndy