The American people need to realize that Joe Biden will hinder the working people of this country, as his political track record has shown over the years.

If you are a part of the middle or working class, liberal, conservative, progressive, or Democrat, Joe Biden is an enemy. If Joe really is a Democrat, would he have publicly endorsed Republican Congressman Fred Upton in his reelection in 2018? Congressman Upton went on to defeat his Democratic challenger, Matt Longjohn, by 4.5 percentage points in 2018. This was not in the distant past, nor was it in a secured blue or red state. This was in 2018 in the swing state of Michigan during midterms, while Trump is president! Michigan is a state that Hillary Clinton lost to Trump, and Joe Biden was there working against his fellow Democrats? Congressman Upton strategically utilized Joe Biden’s endorsement in his campaign that year and he is the congressional representative who initiated the bill to repeal the Obama Affordable Care Act, which Biden helped create.

Why would Joe Biden support a Republican who supported the bill to repeal the ACA? Because he was being paid. Biden went to Michigan to give a speech to help keep Republicans in power, and he did it for money. This just goes to show that Joe Biden can be bought, in this case for $200K. And the Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee said that Bernie Sanders wasn’t a team player? What kind of Democrat goes to a swing state to get Republicans elected? I’ll tell you what kind. The kind the Democratic establishment will move heaven and earth for to make them their nominee for president.

Let’s hide our heads in the sand and pretend that Biden can defeat Trump. Let’s pretend that he isn’t going senile and that he didn’t allegedly sexually assault a staffer years ago. Even still, Joe Biden’s entire political career disqualifies him from getting my vote, and here’s why:

• He won’t work with progressives which means politics as usual, the status quo.

• He’s already stated that he will veto Medicare for all, which most Americans support.

• He voted for the Iraq War.

• He supports cuts to social security.

• He wrote the 1994 Crime Bill leading to the catastrophic mass incarceration of black and brown people.

• He supported the Patriot Act leading to the deterioration of American civil liberties.

• He supported the North American Free Trade Agreement which has led to thousands of American jobs leaving the country.

• He supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

• He was against marriage equality.

The scariest part of this ordeal is that out of so many Democratic primary hopefuls, the establishment Democrats and the Democratic National Committee believe Joe Biden is best they can do even though his record shows him to be on the wrong side of history in so many instances. The bottom line is that Joe Biden can be bought; therefore, Joe Biden is my enemy. This coming from a “Never Trumper.” I’m beginning to understand why 40% of Americans don’t vote in presidential elections.

Horacio Moronta, Lusby