The lyrics below are for some of you compassionate social justice advocates who believe that all people living in the United States should be provided with free Medicare.

Please sing along with me.

“John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

His name is my name, too.

Whenever we go out, the people always shout

There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt


Sing again, louder. Once more, but softer just like you would sing this song during your carefree days before becoming an adult.

Folks, are you now calm enough to read my article about free Medicare?

First off, I wish to commend all of you out there who genuinely care for people who need help. Last Sunday at church I was reminded of the parable of the Good Samaritan who helped a poor soul who had been beaten up by robbers. Many of us believe in acts of kindness and assist in many charitable causes. The question is how we can effectively help the most vulnerable in our society.

At present we have many Democratic presidential candidates saying that they would seek free Medicare coverage for all. At present most retired citizens in Southern Maryland receive healthcare and they as well as I will tell you that for us healthcare is not free! Around 80% of costs are covered by Medicare. For my wife and me the other 20% amounts to $18,000 dollars a year. In fairness, my earned retirement package pays around $12,000.

I guess that under their socialistic plan this $18,000 would be absorbed by Uncle Sam. Who is Uncle Sam? Why of course it is our big government that is funded by us fools.

With big government “free” healthcare means more taxes. Free means slow lousy service just like the medical services provided at Virginia hospitals. Free means less doctors. Free means less nurses. Free means long waiting lines for healthcare services. Free means a shorter lifespan. I love free.

The truth is that throughout history the Nazis, the communists and other socialistic societies have espoused the theory that a centralized expansive government (or big brother) should take care of all of its citizens by doling out benefits derived from accumulated resources expunged from their citizenry. They of course know what is best for us. What a joke.

Finally, elite politicians and the higher-ups of different stripes will never receive this so-called free healthcare, they of course get the elite preferred care. We of course as the inferior souls deserve less. So folks, let us change the lyrics a little bit. Please stay calm.

“John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

His name is my name too

Whenever we go out, the people always shout

There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Free free free free free free free free”

We are a compassionate citizenry where we help the downtrodden. The truth is that big government will louse up the system. This is our country the home of the free and the brave. Socialism does not give folks the joy of knowing that they through their own ability have succeeded. Leave us alone and we will do just fine without this wrongly applied social justice interference.

That is the American way. After all, we are the people.

John Petralia, Sunderland

Twitter: @CalRecMICHAEL