According to the Department of Defense Inspector General and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, $21 trillion in taxpayer funding is unaccounted for over the last 20 years. Notice that none of the mainstream media outlets talks about this.

Here are a few highlights from the DOD IG “Summary of DOD Office of the Inspector General Audits of Financial Management”:

• The financial management systems DOD has put in place to control and monitor the money flow does not facilitate but actually “prevent DOD from collecting and reporting financial information … that is accurate, reliable, and timely.”

• DOD frequently enters “unsupported” (i.e. imaginary) amounts in its books and uses those figures to make the books balance.

• DOD managers do not know how much money is in their accounts at the treasury, or when they spend more than Congress appropriates to them.

• Nor does DOD “record, report, collect, and reconcile” funds received from other agencies or the public.

• DOD tracks neither buyer nor seller amounts when conducting transactions with other agencies.

• DOD does not know who owes it money, nor how much.

• Audit trails are not kept “in sufficient detail,” which means no one can track the money.

• DOD’s “internal controls,” intended to track the money, are inoperative. Thus, DOD cost reports and financial statements are inaccurate, and the size, even the direction (plus or minus values), of the errors cannot be identified.

• DOD does not observe many of the laws that govern all this.

Twenty-one trillion dollars is enough money to eliminate the national debt! This is a violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act which carries felony sanctions of fines and imprisonment. Now that this report has come to light, the DOD IG report has either been removed or heavily redacted so that the public remains unaware of what’s in the report. Fortunately, the report was posted on the internet long enough that whistleblowers and investigative journalists were able to download the report. The saddest thing about this revelation is that the Pentagon has no sense of urgency to do anything about this.

With crumbling infrastructure, failing schools, increased homelessness, increased healthcare costs, environmental catastrophes and more and more Americans falling below the poverty line, I would think that Americans would be outraged. America is in a debt death-spiral with record-breaking national, state, personal, student and medical debt and medically caused bankruptcies. With all these things crumbling down around us, what is the DOD defending?

Has the media and government rendered the masses so impotent that we no longer care what the government does in our name? Are we so paranoid about being attacked that we are willing to spend limitless dollars at the expense of everything else, including disobeying our own laws?

The current system and it’s out of control finances mortally harm our defenses, defraud taxpayers and bloat the Pentagon and federal budgets, and these have all ballooned exponentially under this current president.

The truth is that military spending has been lacking accountability for decades.

As an American taxpayer, I see this as just absurd corruption and the fact that no one is held accountable and the media does no reporting on this leads me to believe how deep and systemic the corruption really is. It’s as if the media has abdicated its duties, but what should we expect when it is owned by global war profiteers that fund both political parties? The DOD, under the guise of “national security” and “support our troops,” have literally stolen trillions of taxpayer dollars.

Horacio Moronta, Lusby