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Democrats have made Trump a martyr

Trump may be to many an arrogant, egotistical, loud mouth bully but I have been against impeachment — it hurts the country.

I had suggested at most censure for him, along with Adam Schiff, and let the people decide at the 2020 polls: the biggest possible put down.

I and most people I know were in favor of investigating a possible Russian collusion. Seventeen million dollars (?) and months later the anticipated Mueller Report was released: no collusion. The election was honest. Instead of accepting the truth and work with Trump for America, this new Democratic Party (not my old party) ignored their promises to secure the border. My new Democratic Party with a biased press and TV denied any border crisis and used it as a political ploy to discredit Trump and further divide our country. They never investigated the source of the Steele hoax, nor cared. Trump was guilty, and has now been impeached for trying to find the 2016 source.

Democrats have made Donald Trump a martyr. Many, like myself, will probably vote for him before any socialist. Nancy Pelosi’s urgent need for impeachment is proving to be nothing but another political ploy. She wants a fair trial in the Senate, but what was fair in the House? She also wants to make the rules for the Senate.

I wrote and asked my Maryland congressional representatives to answer one question, on the record, for me to regain some respect for me and my old Democratic Party: a simple yes or no. Was the Clinton campaign involved with the Steele dossier that was used as proof of collusion by the House?

None of my congressional representatives (Hoyer, Cardin or Van Hollen) responded. They never respond on subject, only with their talking points in support of party ideology.

Jim Hill, Welcome