I appreciate having a local paper printing differing opinions on many subjects. The dominating major media no longer presents us with unbiased news or input. In the Maryland Independent of Nov. 22 we had a writer appealing to “Saving Babies” (pro-life) next to a letter from an anti-Trump Democrat blaming Republicans for a reportedly egotistical, arrogant, bullying embarrassment in the White House.

The Democrat writing is from Virginia, a state whose governor seems to support third term abortions and a political party having no pro-life candidates. (Only commenting on supporting “a woman’s choice,” which few people disagree.)

Republicans did not put Trump in the White House; the American people did in an honest election. I’m a Democrat who thought the only candidate the greatly flawed Hillary Clinton could beat was Trump.

Trump was seen as an outsider not “politically” corrupted. I am also a military veteran as is my son and grandsons; but I see the corruption and deterioration of a once great party. I cannot support a socialist form of government; that’s not what my father, uncles, brother and cousins served for (one giving his life).

God bless a once great America that I still believe in.

Jim Hill, Welcome