Concerning the Monica Lopez letter Aug. 2, “Start impeachment proceedings now,” she must be listening to Democratic presidential candidates or the biased media. I am a Democrat and warned my representatives that they are ensuring president Trump’s re-election with their misguided hatred and efforts to impeach him, because he fairly won. The independent voters are smart and will see through the false reporting.

Having open borders is not salable nor is not enforcing current laws. Immigration must be controlled. Trump is gaining support by his actions in spite of the biased reporting and Democrats’ undeserved hatred.

The economy has improved as has employment numbers, including unemployment improvement for African Americans. The Democrats have taken black voters for granted and are promising free almost everything for Hispanics.

Impeachment is a waste of time and divisive to the country. If a person is not who you want, vote him or her out of office, that’s how our democratic process works. That includes all elected officials. God bless America.