The Charles County Public Library and The Life Journeys Writers Guild are pleased to announce the relaunch of their partnership. On Sept. 21, the LJWG will return to the Waldorf West Branch of CCPL, holding its first event of the new partnership. Both sides worked together during the hiatus to address issues, miscommunications and concerns allowing this invaluable partnership that helps foster strong relationships between writers and readers, to be restored.

The library thought it was imperative to make sure that every organization it partners with has a clear understanding of all policies and rules applicable while holding events at one of its locations. CCPL also wanted to ensure that each agreement was clear and would help its partners operate in accordance with library policy and Maryland state law. This led to the complete overhaul of the Memorandum of Understanding template the library uses as a basis for all partnerships. The library took this process very seriously, devoting countless staff hours to review and update the CCPL partnership agreement, as well as develop a process to review partnerships as needed. The overhaul also included thorough review and examination by its board of trustees. While this process might have seemed arduous to some, it was crucial that the library took the time and performed the work necessary to do it right so that meaningful change could be enacted.

The LJWG has always stood firm and committed throughout its 12 years of service to Southern Maryland. In a continuation of bridging the gap of economic access to the literary arts, gaining knowledge about the publishing industry and benefitting from actual opportunities to creatively validate oneself or one’s life experiences through the written word, it has done so in safe and nurturing environments. It is also proud to have earned support and recognition on a national level, state level and here at home in Charles County, due to its longstanding integrity, consistency and efforts to make a difference.

The LJWG is grateful to be in partnership with the Charles County Public Library. A hearty thank you to all those who played a role in this success. There is no better fit for writers than in a place where readers dwell.

KennethWayne Thompson, La Plata

Yvonne Medley, Waldorf

Thompson is interim executive director of Charles County Public Library and Medley is founder of the Life Journeys Writers Guild.